Who were the Tsar’s
political opponents?
early 1900s
Marxism, revolutionary,
Menshevik, Bolshevik, opponents,
aims, supporters
• Come up with your own anti-Tsarist slogan
• Eg, “Democratic not autocratic”
• Vote for the best slogan!
• Look at social pyramid
• Learn each class in hierarchy, percentage,
grievances, desires and job.
• Describe a Tsar to person next to you
• All to know about the four main opposition
parties to the Tsar
• Most to have understood the different aims
and methods of these parties
• Some to consider the relative threats of
these parties to the Tsar
Opponents to the Tsar
• Think and discuss:
• Who would not like the Tsar?
• Why would they not like the Tsar?
• Extension:
• Explain which of the Tsar’s political
opponents would be his biggest threat.
• The class will be divided into four groups,
each looking at a different party.
Social Democrats – Bolsheviks
Social Democrats – Mensheviks
Social Revolutionaries – Moderate & Anarchist
• You will have 15 minutes to read the
information sheet and prepare a
presentation to the class.
Who would they support?
• You will now get an information sheet on
all four of these opposition parties.
• You will have one minute to skim read this,
then you will be asked which party certain
groups of people would have supported.
Who would they support?
Which party
would they
support and
Who would they support?
Factory workers
Which party
would they
support and
Who would they support?
University lecturers
Which party would
they support and
Complete the table
What threat were these parties?
• You will now pick up one of the laminated
cards. You will have to decide how much
of a threat the party your information sheet
describes were to the Tsar.
• One side of the room represents no threat,
the other side represents a huge threat to
the Tsar.
• Position yourself in the room according to
how dangerous the party you have was!
Exam style question
• Describe the aims and beliefs of the
opposition parties in Russia before the
revolution in February 1917. (6 marks)
Mark scheme
• Level 1, 1-3 Marks
Simple statement of key feature(s) – the main
point about the topic.
1 mark per simple statement made.
• Level 2, 4-6 Marks
Developed statements of key feature(s) – this is
where a key feature is supported by factual detail.
1 mark within level per developed statement.
• The Kadets believed that the government
of Russia should be brought up to date.
For example, they wanted the Tsar to have
to accept the Duma’s rules and obey the
• Write a speech for one of the leaders of an
anti-Tsarist party.
Review and Recall
• Come up with a slogan that matches the
different aims and beliefs of the four different
opposition parties.
• Visually show how someone from each party
would act towards the Tsar
• 1. Kadets (Liberals)
• 2. Social Revolutionaries
• 3. Mensheviks
• 4. Bolsheviks

Who were the Tsar`s political opponents