What does KAHFOOTY stand for?
Keep All Hands, Feet, and Other Objects to
Why do you think it is important to
follow KAHFOOTY?
(Give students time to respond)
Kahfooty is important in all settings.
 It is a lifelong skill. It is important at home,
in the community and at jobs.
 It plays big part in being respectful,
responsible, safe, and caring.
Today, we are going to talk about how to
KAHFOOTY at all times. Let’s think of
some examples for all settings.
(Write in student examples)
I am going to give you some
examples of situations at school. I
want you to show me a thumbs up
if it is a good example of
KAHFOOTY at all times. Give me
a thumbs down if it is not an
example of KAHFOOTY.
Jackie was on the carpet tickling
the person next to her while
the teacher was reading a
Cassie was in the restroom
and someone pushed her
while she was in line to wash
her hands. Cassie shoved her
back to keep her spot in line.
Carter was on the playground
and Jim ran in to him because
he was mad. Carter walked
away and told his teacher.
Katie was in the hallway and
saw her friend. She waved as
they passed each other.
In an assembly, David was
sliding on the floor and
bumping in to the people
around him.
Susan was eating her lunch in
the cafeteria. She used her
hands to eat and used her
silverware. She also raised
her hand to ask to use the
Rochelle and Misty sat across
the aisle from one another on
the bus. When Rochelle
became angry at Misty, she
asked Misty to leave her
Dusty and Matt were sitting in
the same bus seat. Dusty
thought it would be fun to poke
Matt in the arm. When the bus
driver asked Dusty about
poking Matt, Dusty said he
was “just playing”.
While reading on the floor,
Christy accidentally kicked
Sam with her foot. Christy
said, “I’m sorry” to Sam.
Today we talked about KAHFOOTY at all
Can anyone tell me what KAHFOOTY
stands for?
That’s right!
Keep ALL Hands, Feet, and Other Objects
to Yourself
A song to sing about Kahfooty
Kahfooty, Kahfooty, Kahfooty…keep your
hands and feet to yourself.
Kahfooty, Kahfooty, Kahfooty…keep objects
to yourself.