Bonjour et bienvenue!
French Class
Madame Payet
Email –
[email protected]
Conference – 1st & 6th periods
Tutoring: by appointment
Grade Break-down
Daily Work: 30%
Quizzes/Projects: 30%
Major Exam: 40%
Rules and Procedures (no phones!!)
– What was covered in class (absent)
– Homework due, quiz, test dates, projects
– Documents attached: videos, vocab list,
articles, handouts.
Useful links, French club, Announcements,
Key to success in French class:
POSITIVE Attitude
Important to review/study
vocabulary everyday for 15 min.
No one but YOU can memorize.
Use the language as often as you
can! Speak to your pets in French
Test, quizzes, homework
Testing: cell phones, notes, textbook,
dictionaries, etc… are not allowed.
Homework: use of online translator/word
processor auto-correct feature is
prohibited. Violation of this rule will result
in a zero.
Online dictionaries are ok.
What we need in class:
Ream of paper
Clorox wipes
White board markers
Did you know?
Students who have
studied French earn
higher scores on
standardized tests
The World speaks
French and so should
French is spoken in more than 56
French is spoken on 5 of the world’s
continents by over 200 million people.
Parlez-vous français?
•French provides the base for more
than 35% of modern English
•It is estimated that someone who
has never studied French already
knows approximately 15,000
words and expressions in the
 French companies employ
578,000 Americans
 U.S. companies employ
540,000 people in France
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce
Knowing the culture of
other countries is a major
advantage for careers in
today’s global economy.
•Paris, the capital of France, is the world's
number one tourist destination with 30
million visitors yearly.
•More than 76 million people around the
world visit France.