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Endocrine System
Testosterone and Male Aggression: Is
there a link?
• What do male hormones control?
• What is another name for adrenaline?
• Do you think testosterone
makes people more
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Chemical Regulation
• A. Hormones – secreted into BODY FLUIDS
– Regulate body function
– Produced by endocrine glands
– They Control
• Metabolic rate, growth, maturation, reproduction,
stress, dehydrations, low glucose
– Target Cells Respond
• Local regulators – direct secreted into
interstitial fluid and affect only nearby target
• Pheromones – between other individuals
• C. The endocrine and nervous system work
– Nervous works in split second
– Endocrine works in minutes / days.
– Neurotransmitter – chemical that carries info to
other nerve, endocrine cell, or a
cell that can react (muscle)
Target Cells – cells in organs that respond to
specific hormones
Types of hormones
1. Steroid – made of
cholesterol, enter cell
membrane bonding with
DNA and causing
the production of more
2. Non-Steroid – made of amino acids, bind to
cell mem of target cells and cause certain
chemical rxn to take place inside the cell.
– The vertebrate endocrine system
- Goes into blood
Main hormone secreting glands:
Hypothalamus controls pituitary gland –
The PITUITARY GLAND is called the master gland.
It regulates all other glands and secretes growth
Growth Hormone (GH) – stimulates growth
too much – gigantism
too little - dwarfism
Bovine Somatotropin, is used to make cattle grow
faster for slaughter.
World’s Largest Humans
• LH (Lutenizing Hormone) – stimulates ovaries
and testes
• FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) –
Stimulates egg and sperm production
• TSH (Thyroid Stimulation Hormone) –
Stimulate thyroid gland for metabolism
• Endorphins – natural pain killers
– Made by pituitary
• Pineal Gland – Melatonin
– Days and nights
The THYROID Gland regulates metabolism,
growth and development.
Calcitonin – lowers blood Ca
-Susceptible to radiation. KI tablets prevent
thyroid from absorbing radioactive Iodine.
-Iodine deficiency can cause goiter, an
enlargement of the thyroid.
• Parathyroid Glands – Parathyroid hormone
• Raises blood Ca Level.
atop the kidneys.
Secrete epinephrine
(adrenaline) causing the
heart to beat faster and
increased alertness.
Associated with fight or flight response.
The PANCREAS secretes
INSULIN to remove sugar
from the bloodstream (can
also secrete GLUCAGON,
adding sugar to the
DIABETES is a disease in
which a person does not
produce (or does not produce
enough) insulin to lower
blood sugar levels.
…..Read about diabetes
1. Why can high levels of glucose build up in the
blood if you are diabetic?
2. Which type of diabetes can form due to being
overweight or underactive?
3. Which type is considered to be an autoimmune
4. Where does the insulin come from that people
5. What are some symptoms of diabetes?
6. How is hypoglycemia and occasional low blood
sugar different?
• Gonads – sex organs
– Estrogens, progestins, and androgens
The OVARIES (females) produce
ESTROGEN which regulates the
menstrual cycle and
regulates menstruation, and
supports pregnancy.
Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) –
Stimulates production of ova and
Luteinizing Hormone (LH) – Stimulates
ovaries and testes
The TESTES (males) produce
produced in females).
Testosterone increases muscle mass and bone
density, causes maturation of sex organs, deepens
voice, causes aggression, arousal and energy.
Testosterone wins games