ALF - Animal Liberation Front

Animal Liberation Front are animal
liberation activists who engage in direct
action on behalf animals. Animal activists
would remove animals from facilities and
sabotaged facilities in protest against
animal testing, fur farming and other
animal based industries.
Animal Liberation Front began in the 19th
Century, and was re- created in 1965.
ALF’s roots can be traced back to the 19th
century England, a group of the activists
called the Bands of Mercy, which was set
up in 1824 to thwart fox hunters.
The Bands of Mercy changed their names to
the Hunt Saboteurs Association. Hunt
Saboteurs association would blow horns to
send the hounds the wrong direction, set
off smoke bombs, and members laid down
between the hunters and fox.
Animal Rights is the movement to protect non-human
animals from being used or regarded as property by
Alf attack laboratories to liberate animals used for
clothing, food, testing and for sports.
The ALF defines itself as non-violent, defining violence as
acts of physical aggression directed at human and nonhuman animals.
Robin Webb runs the Animal Liberation
Press in UK.
Webb states that the ALF aims are to:
"To liberate animals from suffering or potential
suffering and place them in good permanent homes
or, where appropriate, release them into their natural
2. "To damage or destroy property and equipment
associated with animal abuse, by taking that
property out of the arena of animal abuse so it can
no longer cause harm, and inflicting economic loss
on the abusers with the intention of driving them out
of business."
3. "To take all reasonable precautions not to endanger
life of any kind."
Important People Cont’d.
Jerry Vlasak is an animal rights activists and
press officer for the animal press office. He is
also a member of the Physicians committee
for responsible medicine.
Ronnie Lee was a member of the Hunt
Sabotagers Association in the 1970’s. He
formed an offshoot called Band of Mercy.
Cliff Goodman was also an activists in 1972,
Goodman would attack hunters vehicles.
Both would attack pharmaceutical
laboratories, seal hunting boats, and would
set fires.
Lee and Goodman were both arrested for
taking part in a raid on Oxford animal
Laboratory colonies. They were both
sentenced to three years in prison, but only
served two.
On November 10, 1973, ALF set fire to a
building in Milton Keynes, as part of a
strategy to make insurance prohibitive
for what they saw as exploitative
industries, and thus began a campaign
of arson that continues to this day.
Alf activists broke into laboratories
used by the psychology department
from the University of Iowa. ALF took
88 mice and 313 rats. They destroyed
documents and computers by pouring
acid on them. Members caused damage
worth up to $ 450,000.
ALF stole over 100 research animals
and ransacked labs at University of
Minnesota. Alf caused $2 million dollars
worth of damages and disruption of
many research projects.
January 2005, ALF was named as a terrorist threat in the
United States by Homeland Security.
Officials from the FBI and ATF stated that “Violent animal
rights extremists and eco-terrorists now pose one of the
most serious terrorism threats to the nation.”
Britches a Stump tail Macaque monkey was
born at the University of California at the
research center in Riverside, California. Right
after birth he was taken away from his
mother, and his eyelids were sewn together.
The stitches left him blind. Britches was
deprived from any comfort and was kept in a
cage with only one padded cylinder to cling
The University of California conducted this
experiment as part of a maternal and
sensory deprivation experiment
In 1985, ALF released britches from the
university after having a raid.
These are some pictures of animals that were injured by
ELF is another animal activist terrorist group.
ELF is the collective name for anonymous and autonomous
individuals or groups that according to the new ELF press
office, use “Economic sabotage and guerilla warfare to stop
the exploitation and destruction of the national
ELF’s guidelines require individuals or groups on its behalf
“take all necessary precautions against harming any
animal – human and non-human.”
Elf was founded in the United Kingdom and has been active
in the United States, Canada, and Greece.
March 2001, ELF was classified as the top domestic terror
threat in the U.S. by the FBI.
Elf has committed more than 1,200 acts of vandalism and
arson in the U.S. causing more than $2 million in damage.
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