What can we do

Climate change
What can you do to fight it?
What is climate change?
• Gases in the Earth’s atmosphere trap heat
• Emissions are increasing due to human activity
• The build-up of gases leads to long-term warming
= climate change
• Greenhouse gases are emitted naturally
• BUT human activity is increasing emissions
• Changes in behaviour can reduce emissions
• Everybody can contribute to the fight against
climate change
• Acting on climate change can save you money
Turn down
Turn down
• Lower the temperature of your heaters by a
degree or two
• Use a timer, so the heating is only on when you
need it
• Don’t set the refrigerator to its coldest setting
Choose low energy
When it comes to replacing equipment…
– Light bulbs
– Refrigerator, freezer
– Central heating
– Windows …
Choose energy efficient models
Higher initial costs are repaid in savings over the
product’s life
Switch off
• Turn off lights when you don’t need them
• Don’t leave appliances on standby
• Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth
Don’t waste energy!
Think efficient
Don’t run washing machine or dishwasher half full
Take a shower instead of a bath
Boil only the amount of water you need
Cover your pots when cooking
Don’t leave the refrigerator door open
Don’t open your windows for too long in winter
Install insulation
Use less energy!
Intelligent transport
Intelligent transport
Don’t use the car for short journeys
Walk, cycle or use public transport
Share car journeys
Drive efficiently
Check your tyre pressure
… and take the train, not the plane!
Reduce your carbon footprint!
Reuse bags and packaging
Recycle glass, metals and plastics
Choose products with the least packaging
Get refills rather than new products when you can
Recycling and reuse save energy!
What else can we do?
• Look for the EU Eco-label when choosing
household goods
• Choose wood products made from sustainable
• Eat local produce, grown in season
• Eat more vegetables – farming animals uses more
• Plant a tree
• Print double-sided … when you really need to
• Pester your parents and friends!