Notes for the teacher - Light Bulb Languages

Notes for the teacher:
This PowerPoint is designed to accompany the sound file “Combien de crayons?”
which has eight questions asking how many of each item there are.
There are several ways in which this can be used. Here are some suggestions:
•The traditional way – pupils listen to each question, look at the pictures and
write down the correct number. This shows that they have understood the
name of the classroom object.
•Pupils listen to the question and hold up the correct number on a number fan.
•Pupils answer orally in French. This will assess not only their comprehension of
the classroom objects but also their recall of the numbers.
•Once you have used the sound file, you can ask the questions yourself in a
question-answer session with the children.
•You can change the numbers of the items on the slide to change the answers.
For example, try 3 tables and 2 pencils.
•Use the pictures for a vocabulary recognition exercise. Say one of the words,
for example “un crayon” or a phrase such as “il y a six crayons” and pupils have
to touch the picture on the board. Use two pupils and fly swats for a bit of
competition !
©MFL Sunderland 2008 CS/IR
1. Combien de crayons ?
2. Combien de stylos ?
3. Combien de chaises ?
4. Combien de taille-crayons ?
5. Combien de trousses ?
6. Combien de gommes ?
7. Combien de cahiers ?
8. Combien de tables ?
©MFL Sunderland 2008 CS/IR