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Health Department Offers Tips to Beat the Heat
Summer is here and so is the heat that goes with the season. The Bond County Health
Department offers these tips to prevent heat related illnesses.
Drink water, even when you are not thirsty to avoid dehydration.
Eat small meals and avoid hot food and heavy meals
Wear loose, light colored clothing
Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can increase dehydration
Avoid physical activity in the heat of mid-day
Heat related illnesses include heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and heat rash.
Heat exhaustion is the result of excessive heat and dehydration. Symptoms include sweating
heavily, weakness that can lead to fainting, thread pulse, cold, clammy, pale skin, headaches
and vomiting. Treatment includes loosening clothing, and drinking cool water every 15
Heat stroke or sunstroke most often occurs with heavy exertion during extreme heat. The
body temperature can be higher than 106 degrees, pulse will be rapid and strong, and skin
becomes hot and red. This condition can be life threatening and medical attention is
Heat rash is characterized by a red cluster of small blisters. Treatment is to provide a cooler
environment with less humidity.
Elderly persons are particularly susceptible to heat related illnesses and those at risk should be
checked on frequently. No person or pet should ever be left in parked car as the heat inside a
closed car rises rapidly to life-threatening levels.
Enjoy summer activities, but be mindful of the possibility of heat related illnesses and protect
yourself by staying hydrated and cool.