Statistics Training and ESRC

Statistics Training and ESRC
Chris Skinner
National Centre for Research Methods
University of Southampton
• 'critical deficit in quantitative skills within
the UK’
Commission on the Social Sciences (2003)
• quantitative social science a ‘strategically
important and vulnerable subject’
HEFCE (2005)
Capacity Concerns
• shortages of people and skills
• quality of research
to promote interest in quantitative
research, motivation to take up
opportunities for training and
to provide opportunities for training and
development, which address needs
ESRC Initiatives: Postgraduate
• training guidelines
• studentships (enhanced stipend of +£3k
for advanced quantitative methods)
ESRC Programmes and Centres
Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets
Centre for Applied Social Surveys
Research Methods Programme
National Centre for Research Methods
Researcher Development Initiative
Quantitative Methods
Other ESRC
Training linked to data resources, e.g.
• Economic and Social Data Service
Training linked to programmes, e.g.
• Survey Design and Measurement
• Understanding Population Trends and
• Teaching and Learning Research Programme
National Centre for Research
• Hub at University of Southampton
• 6 Nodes including:
- LEMMA (multilevel modelling) Bristol
- Lancaster/Warwick (modelling)
- BIAS (Bayesian methods) Imperial College
• Courses in Applied Social Surveys (CASS)
NCRM/CASS: introductory courses
Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Exploring Relationships
Regression Methods for Survey Data
Essentials of Survey Design and Implementation
Generalised Linear Models
Intro. to Multilevel Modelling
Intro. to Bayesian Inference using WinBUGS
• Workshops at BERA, BSA etc.
NCRM/CASS: more specialized
courses/workshops 1
Structural Equation Modelling
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Duration Analysis
Event History Analysis
Bayesian Spatial Modelling
Spatial Data Analysis with R
NCRM/CASS: more specialized
courses/workshops 2
• Recent Advances in Multilevel Modelling
• Multilevel Discrete Event History Analysis
• Bayesian Hierarchical Models using
• Bootstrap Methods and their Application
• Multi-dimensional Scaling
NCRM/CASS: more specialized
courses/workshops 3
• Methods for Missing Data
• Questionnaire Design
• Design and Implementation of Telephone
• Data Linkage: Exploring the Potential
Researcher Development Initiative
• Essex Summer School in Social Science
Data Analysis and Collection
• Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social
Science Researchers
• Tools and Training for Analysis of
Multilevel Data with Missing Observations
• Scottish Social Survey Network
Issues in Training
• methods of training and adult learning:
courses, ICT & e-learning, mentoring
• embedding training in different research
contexts and career trajectories
• problem-based learning
• discipline-based or cross-disciplinary
Training infrastructure
• cascade models, training trainers, adding value
• consumer-led or producer-led funding
• regional vs. national (ESRC Regional Training
• academic/non-academic
• timing issues, e.g. annual courses, sustainability
Issues of Level
• heterogeneity of backgrounds
• provision at different levels
• progression
Challenges for NCRM
developing and supporting
a national training infrastructure
(beyond PG level)
Coordinating Challenges for NCRM
• information and communications
• framework/curricula (building on PG
training guidelines)
• levels, pre-requisites and self-assessment
• accreditation, CAT
• Training the Trainers: supporting the teaching of
research methods to postgraduate students in
the social sciences
Monday 4 June, Royal Statistical Society
• National Centre for Research Methods
• Researcher Development Initiative