Organizational behavior takes place in different contexts (e

An introduction to multilevel modeling
Prof. Vicente González-Romá, University of Valencia, Spain
Organizational behavior takes place in different contexts (e.g., work teams, project
teams, departments, and the whole organization) whose properties (e.g., climate,
culture, size, leadership) impact on individuals’ behavior. An intriguing general
question is to estimate the aforementioned impact. To do so, a special type of models
(multilevel or hierarchical linear models) is needed. In this course, an introduction to
multilevel modeling in organizational research will be provided. The goal of the course
is as follows: participants will be able to build multilevel models for estimating direct
cross-level effects and cross-level interactions. The course emphasis will be put on
understanding the rationale and logic underlying the model building process. This will
allow participants to translate their multilevel research questions into multilevel
models. A basic knowledge of multiple regression is required. Participants will not
need to bring their laptops (only a notebook and a pen are required).