Atmosphere Hydrosphere Biosphere Geosphere The Earth System

System: an organized group of parts
that work together to form a whole.
• The Earth system has four major
1. Atmosphere
2. Hydrosphere
3. Biosphere
4. Geosphere
• The mixture of gases and particles that
surrounds and protects the surface of
• The mixture of gases:
– Nitrogen (78%)
– Oxygen (21%)
– Carbon dioxide, water vapor,
and other gases (1%)
• Made up of all the water on Earth:
– Oceans, lakes, and glaciers
– Rivers, streams, and underground
• Water covers 75% of the Earth’s
– 3% is fresh water
– 70% in glaciers and polar ice
• All life on Earth:
– in the air
– on the land
– in the waters
• All the features on Earth’s surface:
– Continents
– Islands
– Sea floor
– Everything below the surface
crust: thin, rocky shell
that includes continents
and sea floor
mantle: thick layer of hot rock
outer core: molten metal,
mostly iron
inner core: solid metal,
mostly iron
The atmosphere, hydrosphere,
biosphere, and geosphere work together
to form one large system called Earth.
• Draw and color the Earth on the front of
your foldable.
• Read section 1.1 [pages 9-14] and add
additional notes to your foldable.