AP Literature
Friday, October 17th 2014
 Finish discussing the end of One Few Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—
finally. (Focus on select questions only)
 Vocabulary Unit 4 Exercise for Words 1-10 & collecting novels
 Discussion over Chapter 3 Introduction in Sound and Sense
 Connotation and Denotation
 Checking Notebooks for completion of questions for the
following poems:
 Cross
 The world is too much with us
 Desert Places
 Homework: Read and answer questions for the following
 Accounting
 35/10
 Tree Heart/True Heart
Cuckoo’s Nest
Part IV Review
What is the significance of the title
of this novel? What is the cuckoo’s
nest and who is the one who flies
over it?
McMurphy is the goose who flies over
the cuckoo’s nest and pulls Bromden
out. “Cuckoo” is a slang word for
crazy. McMurphy helps the inmates,
particularly the Chief, overcome their
Cuckoo’s Nest
Part IV Review
Cite incidents from the story to prove or
disprove the following statement: McMurphy
never intended to escape from the hospital.
McMurphy did intend to make his escape from
the hospital. He is cocky enough to wait until the
last minute. Unfortunately, he did not realize
how much his strength was eroded by the strain
of EST, so he overslept.
It is possible that McMurphy used the last bit of
strength he had to help the others. He knows he
no longer has the strength to make it in the
outside world, so he just goes to sleep without
trying to escape.
Cuckoo’s Nest
Part IV Review
 Cite incidents from the story to state whether or not
you agree with the following statement: The Chief did
not really kill McMurphy, because he was already dead.
 The Chief killed McMurphy’s body; the lobotomy had
already killed McMurphy’s spirit and individuality. The
Chief states that “The big hard body had a tough grip on
 He did not say McMurphy had a grip on life. To the Chief,
McMurphy was already dead. Bromden does not want
Ratched to have this trophy, this shell of McMurphy “in
the day room with his name tacked on it for twenty or
thirty years so the Big nurse could use it as an example
of what can happen if you buck the system.”
 This quotation is another major theme in the story:
Breaking society’s rules can lead to disaster or
Cuckoo’s Nest
Part IV Review
State your opinion of the ending to this story. Was
it necessary for McMurphy to both be given a
lobotomy and be killed by the Chief? What do you
think Kesey is saying about the power ofthe
individual to win over the restrictions of society by
ending his book in this way?
Kesey is saying that a man must fight against
society’s power to control his individual freedoms,
even though he may die in the battle. McMurphy
dies, but his struggle serves as a model to help many
others to find the strength they need to continue the
Unit 4 Words 110
Flashcards due
Monday for
Extra credit.
 Definition ( IN OWN WORDS)
 Facts/Characteristics
• make a bulleted list
• add a picture that helps you understand
the meaning of the “word”
 Examples (LIST AT LEAST 3)
 Non-Examples
• make a bulleted list about what the
“word” is not about
***Collecting Cuckoo’s Nest novels while you
are working.
 Average word has three parts: sound, denotation, and
 Denotation- dictionary meaning of the word
Chapter 3
items to note
 Connotation-what the word suggests beyond what it
 Example: home suggests security, love, comfort,
family, etc.
 A poet will often take advantage of the fact that the
word has more than one meaning by using it to mean
more than one thing at the same time.
 Poets seek to find and use the most meaningful words.
 It is always important to determine the level of diction
employed in a poem, because it may provide clear
insight into the purpose of the poem by helping to
characterize the speaker.
notebooks for
completion of
(15 pts.)
Homework for yesterday was to read
and answer the questions for the
following poems on pgs. 48-50.
The world is too much with us
Desert Places
pgs. 50-53 in
Sound and
Finish Vocabulary Flashcards
and Frayer Cards for
Read and answer questions
for the following poems:
Tree Heart/True Heart