Year 7 homework.
Learn the key RPE terms covered this year.
Students will be tested on them in their humanities lesson. Their teacher will give them warning when this will happen.
Supernatural – Above or outside nature
Omnipotent – All powerful
Omniscient – All knowing
Omnibenevolent - All loving
Atheism – the belief that god doesn’t exist
Theism – The belief in God
Agnosticism – The belief that there isn’t enough evidence to say whether God exists or not.
Faith – Having a belief in something even if there isn’t any evidence to prove it
Scripture – a collection of religious writings thought to be special or written through God.
Sacred – something that is special to God
the Qur’an – the name of Islam’s holy book
the Guru Granth Sahib – the name of Sikhism’s holy book
the Bible – the name of Christianity’s holy book
the Torah – the name of Judaism’s holy book
Church – Christian place of worship
Mosque – Muslim place of worship
Temple – Buddhist and Hindu place of worship
Gurdwara – Sikh place of worship
Synagogue – Jewish place of worship
God – meaning the creator or sometimes ‘caretaker’ of the world
Yahweh – Jewish name for God
Allah – Muslim name for God
Brahman – Hindu name for God
Prophet – a special religious person who teaches others about God
Messiah – a special person who is said to have been sent by God to help and teach them
The Prophet Mohammed – The founder of Islam
Guru Nanak – the founder of Sikhism
Jesus Christ – the founder of Christianity
Abraham – the founder of Judaism
Siddhartha Gautama – The founder of Buddhism
Worship – the practice of devotion to a God
Deity – a God or goddess