Alexi Anderson, Kaylin Kozesky, Jason Porucznik, and Rebekah

Alexi Anderson, Kaylin Kozesky, Jason Porucznik, and Rebekah Schultz
Period 9
Modern Era
Short Stories and Poems Section
1. What oxymoron is stated in The Rear-Guard?
A. Ectasy of fumbling
B. Rosy gloom
C. Desperate glory
2. The lost soldier asking the dead soldier in The Rear-Guard to guide him through the
tunnel, what literary term applies to that situation?
A. Irony
B. Imagery
C. Metaphor
3. What tone would best describe Dulce et Decorum Est?
A. Solemn
B. Disgusted
C. Melancholy
4. What is the overall poem Dulce et Decorum est about?
A. A soldier lost in a tunnel
B. Trench warfare
C. Consequences of poison gas in warfare
5. What literay term is most prominent in The Destructors?
A. Imagery
B. Irony
C. Simile
6. Who wrote The Destructors?
A. James Joyce
B. Graham Greene
C. D.H. Lawrence
7. How is the hawk personified in the poem Hawk Roosting?
A. The hawk is introspective and reflective; thinks like a human
B. The hawk kills like a human
C. The hawk sits like a human
8. What is the poem Hawk Roosting mainly about?
A. The hawk having control over the sun
B. The hawk killing its prey
C. The hawk’s desire to kill and how it cannot be stopped
9. Who is the poem Chaucer mainly about?
A. Ted Hughes
B. The Cows
C. Syliva Plath
10. What imagery is used in Chaucer to show it is spring time?
A. The new emerald of the thorns
B. Those bumpers of champagne
C. And the cows were enthralled
11. At the end of Araby the main character suddenly realizes something. What literary term is
used for that moment of sudden insight?
A. Revelation
B. Epiphany
C. Closure
12. Who wrote Araby?
A. Dylan Thomas
B. D. H. Lawrence
C. James Joyce
13. What word best symbolizes the rocking horse in The Rocking-Horse Winner?
A. Greed
B. Hope
C. Materialism
14. What phrase is used in The Rocking-Horse Winner to show why the family has no
A. There must be more money!
B. There’s no luck
C. Malabar!
15. Who wrote Fern Hill?
A. T.S. Eliot
B. Dylan Thomas
C. Ted Hughes
16. Fern Hill is a form of lyric poetry. What does lyric poetry focus on?
A. Expressing thoughts and emotion
B. Building the character’s personality
C. Telling a story
17. What audience is Dylan Thomas writing to in In my craft or sullen art?
A. Poor people
B. Lovers
C. The wealthy
18. In In my craft and sullen art Dylan Thomas writes about the audience he writes for, but
then says they do not support him. What literary term best fits this situation?
A. Paradox
B. Personification
C. Dramatic Irony
19. What type of poem is Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night?
A. Epiphany
B. Elegy
C. Sonnet
20. What does “good night” compare to in Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night?
A. Life
B. Death
C. Old age
Brave New World Section
1. What drug is used in the story to have control over the people’s emotions?
A. Mescal
B. Soma
C. Ecstasy
2. What year is the story set in?
A. 2495
B. 2560
C. 2030
3. What type of novel is Brave New World?
A. Gothic
B. Satirical
C. Science Fiction
4. Who is the god that the people worship?
A. Malthus
B. Ford
C. Huxley
5. What term is given for the process of creating embryos in the story?
A. Conditioning
B. Hatching
C. Decanting
6. What level of the caste system is the highest in their society?
A. Alphas
B. Betas
C. Gammas
7. Who is the lowest in the caste system?
A. Betas
B. Epsilons
C. Gammas
8. In the novel people were encouraged to have monogamous relationships. T or F
9. John the Savage modeled his life after the works of Shakespeare. T or F
10. Helmholtz Watson encouraged people to write with emotion. T or F
11. Bernard Marx was scrutinized for being taller than the average Alpha. T or F
12. The D.H.C never went against the society in any way. T or F
13. Lenina desires a relationship with one man only. T or F