Commercial Revolution Flipped Assignment

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Commercial Revolution Flipped Assignment
Directions: Use the Commercial Revolution PowerPoint on your teacher’s website to complete the following.
Slide 2: 17th Century Europe
1. Why was the trade of goods the fastest growing part of the European economy during the 17th century?
Slide 3: Global Trade
2. Based on the map, which areas of the world did Europe begin to trade with and colonize during the 17th century?
3. Why would this be considered global trade?
Slide 4: Trade
4. What three (3) areas did Europe import goods from?
5. What goods did Europe export?
Slide 5: Mercantilism (1)
6. Define mercantilism.
7. Who hoped to increase their power through this system?
Slide 6: Mercantilism (2)
8. In the system of mercantilism, what is the easiest way to amass gold and silver?
Slide 7: Mercantilism (3)
9. Colonies were created as ways to gain resources. What did the formation of colonies lead to?
Slide 8: Trans-Oceanic Trade
10. What institutions were created to aid in trans-oceanic trade?
Slide 9: Capitalism
11. Capitalism is a business practice where business owners risked their ____________ (money) in a business in
order to make a ___________________.
12. As capitalism grew, which social class grew with it? What became the new sign of wealth as capitalism increased?
Slide 10: Joint-Stock Companies
13. What is a joint stock company?
14. How did companies accumulate money to buy resources in a joint stock company?
Slide 11: Banking
15. In your opinion, why did banks become more popular and used more often during the commercial revolution?
Slide 12: The Commercial Revolution: A Summary
16. After the commercial revolution Europe had many more products to choose from. Which of these listed on the
PowerPoint do you feel had the biggest impact on the future of Europe? Explain your answer.