(2) Fundamentals of Business Law

An Introduction to English for
Course introduction
Course planning
English for Law ( case analysis-oriented course)
• Textbooks:
(1) International Business Law and Its
Environment ( Richard Schaffer, Beverley Earle,
Filiber to Augusti, C 2004)
(2) (2) Fundamentals of Business Law ( Roger
LeRoy Miller, Gaylord A. Jentz, C 1990)
• Instructor: Sun Hong, MA
Tel: 36317109
Students’ Course Objectives:
• To be exposed to the original English
materials of legal study ( various legal case
---- language study
• Make a comparative study of contracts
(Compare the general contracts under the
common law and international commercial
---- law study
• Develop the reasoning ability in case
analysis (some skills and strategies).
---- ability of professional analysis
Content(substantive legal knowledge):
Contracts under the
common law
Definition and types
of contract
International commercial
contracts under the CISG
An introduction to the history
and development of the CISG
Applicability of the CISG
Formation of contracts Validity and formation of
international sales contracts
Validity of contracts
Warranty provisions
Breach and remedies
Remedies for breach of
Excuses for nonperformance
Course Planning:
• What to learn:
• How to learn:
substantive knowledge
of law: legal principles,
rules and theories
specific cases:
analyzing methods
and reasoning skills
Class Arrangement:
• Pre-class Preview:
(1) reading materials, preparing questions
(2) writing case briefs,
• Legal Forum(group case-analysis)
• Class study of substantive legal
knowledge & case analysis
• Questions and assignments
Assessment Percentages:
• 10% Participation and performance
• 10% Legal Forum
• 10% Writing: Weekly Case Reports
• 10% Monthly Quizzes
• 60% Final Exam