CCNA 3 Case study deliverables

CCNA 3 Case study deliverables
Summary of the company and network requirement
The XYZ research company is small company that is developing high-speed wireless
products. The main office occupies one building in Sydney and one remote Branch in
The Sydney building is for Administration group, Sales and Marketing Group, and the larger
Research and Development Group. The Research Group and the Sales and Marketing Group
will each have employees located on all three floors of the main building. The XYZ Research
Company also has a Sales Branch office in Melbourne.
The implementing network should support 100% growth in future.
Discussion on the implementation of IP address and VLSM
Research and Development group :
Sales and Marketing group :
Administration group :
Remote sales office :
Server(No future growth):
18 employees
9 employees
7 Employees
5 Employees
5 PCs
The subnet /30 used for Internet router, ISP.
For internet network used class C network for internal addressing.
We use the VLSM to find out subnets for all employee groups, Routers, and switches and keep
provision for future growth.
Discussion on the implementation of Routing
We use OSPF routing protocol for the router, and wireless router use RIP routing protocol
On Main router we use redistribute OSPF and RIP . on Border router we use default route to
the ISP router and from ISP router route all traffic for network to Border router.
All VLANs are configure on main router, so VLANs can communicate to each other