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Welcome to ENG4UI
With Ms. Kendall
Course Overview
 Independent Study
 Orwell, Language and Essays
 Literary Theory and Children’s Lit
 Three Day Road
 Poetry
 Hamlet
Get Reading!
 To be successful in this course, it is important that
you stay on top of required reading.
 Major reading: You will read two independent
study novels, the novel Three Day Road, and the
play, Hamlet.
 Plus, you will have short readings throughout the
 If you need to, set up a reading schedule.
Writing Tasks
 You will need to write in a variety of forms this
Informal writing
 Diagnostic informal essay
 Question of the day
 Story telling
Formal writing
 Formal essays
 Timed critical responses
 Comparative ISU and exam
Oral Communication
 Oral communication is an important element of
this course that can help you be successful. Oral
communication in this course may include:
 Presentations
 Interviews/conferences
 Story telling
 Class participation
Do you have a laptop or
other device?
 If you have a personal device that you can use,
please bring it to class.
 There will be few handouts in this course.
 You can make good use of our class Weebly:
 We have access to Chromebooks, but not all the
time and never enough for all!
 Bringing in a personal device will allow me to
give everyone more in-class work time.
Our Classroom Expectations
 You are (or pretty much) an adult - I will treat you like one, if you act like
 Respect - yourself, your peers, our work, class resources, Ms. Kendall.
 Since it has become one of your limbs, you may use your cell phone in
class...when you are working, not when I'm talking.
 I like food a lot, so I assume you like food a lot; you may consume food in
class; you may also bring me food.
 I don't enjoy working at a garbage-filled desk, so I assume you don't enjoy
working at a garbage-filled desk; clean up your garbage.
 We are a team, so make sure everyone feels welcome, respected,
accepted and included.
How to be Successful
 Stay on track: attend class, complete reading &
homework, and please please hand assignments in
on time.
 Come to class prepared to work: bring needed
resources and a hard-working attitude.
 Become engaged in lessons and discussions.
 Ask questions.
 Read and use feedback to improve your work .
 I do not hand out grades; you earn grades.
 Let's have a great semester!
This is us having a great
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