Class 3 Autumn Term 2

Class 3 Autumn Term 2
What the children will be learning
Hope you have had a nice half term
Religious Education
R.E: Symbols in worship – children
will compare and contrast the use of
symbols, actions and gestures used in
worship by different communities.
To count and write the numbers to
20 in French.
To learn animal names and then sort
the words into classes, le, la, un,
To write a simple sentence – 2
horses etc in French.
Rocks and Soils.
The children will be comparing and
grouping different kinds of rocks on the
basis of their appearance and simple
physical properties.
Describe in simple terms how fossils are
Recognise that soils are made from rocks
and organic matter.
They will be looking at rocks and soils
within their own environment.
They will observe rocks in buildings,
gravestones, and how they may have
changed over time.
They will observe what happens when
rocks are put in water or rubbed
Children will be analysing the Bayeux
Tapestry and then creating a Bayeux
Tapestry style cartoon strip
depicting scenes from their own life.
To write and perform their own
poetry following a simple style.
Understand how to use fronted
adverbials at the start of sentences
and how to use inverted commas
To organise and write paragraphs
around a theme.
To develop a cursive handwriting
To read and discuss a wide range of
fiction, poetry, plays, no-fiction and
reference books. To identify themes
in books and identify and summarise
the main themes.
Understand the importance of music
– to match musical instruments with
their sounds, sort instruments into
groups, name and describe some
Anglo-Saxon instruments or Viking
instruments and say which
instruments they resemble.
Halloween activities – symmetrical
pictures and co-ordinates, frog
investigation and spider factors.
Place value and other ways to
partition numbers, adding multiples
using partitioning skills, halving and
doubling, rounding to the nearest 1,
10, 100, 1000, right angles, acute
and obtuse angles, fractions of
shapes and numbers, multiplication
and division using a written method,
missing number problems and how to
find the difference.
Net and Wall games – to be able to
receive a ball, be able to anticipate
where a ball will arrive, to be able
to use the correct racket grip, and
then control a ball using a racket by
dropping a ball into a good position
and being able to hit it.
Home work.
To learn about the Anglo-Saxons and
investigate Sutton Hoo. To learn
about their invasions, settlements
and Kingdoms. To find out about the
conflict between the Anglo-Saxons
and the Vikings.
To learn how to search the internet
to research a topic.
To create posters and information
texts using their research.
Continue to use technology safely,
respectfully and responsibly,
recognising acceptable/unacceptable
Spellings every week.
Times tables every week.
Reading 5 times a week.
Class 3 News!
How you can help your children?
* Ensure they have their indoor and outdoor P.E kits in school all week.
* Listen to your child read regularly and record this in their reading journals– it takes just 10 minutes and reading is just as important in KS2
as KS1.
* Help your child to learn their weekly spellings and times tables and make sure they have their learning log with them on a Thursday to
hand in.
*If you are unsure or concerned about something please do come and see either myself or Mrs Robinson before or after the school day.
School Trip to Chester 4th November
School Calendar Photograph Day [Fancy
Dress, Romans] – 5th November
School Calendar Photograph day [uniform] –
6th November
Head teacher meeting - November 9th,
Children in Need, fancy dress Super Heroes
- 13th November
Concert for parents – St James in Longdon –
Friday 20th November -5.30pm – 6.30pm
Achievement Assembly – 27th November
Christmas Jumper Day – 11th December
Christmas Fair – 11th December 4.00pm –
Carol service 1.15pm 18thDecember
School Closes 18th December 2.00pm
Anti-Bullying Week – Week Beginning - 16TH