The Information Technology & Knowledge Management

Equal Access Nigeria seek qualified candidate for the position
of Information Technology
and Knowledge Management Specialist.
Location: Based in Kano
Start Date: Preferably Immediately
Working Relationship: Production Team, Finance and Administration Department
Reports to: Director, Finance and Administration
Level of Effort Allocation: Approximately 80% dedicated to the production team and 20% to other
Primary Functions:
The Information Technology & Knowledge Management Specialist is responsible for the smooth
operations of the Local Area Network /computer network, sustainability of institutional memory and
knowledge management of Equal Access. The function is accomplished through effective
collaboration and dedication of most of level of efforts (LoE) to Equal Access Production team, and
supports other Departments of Equal Access as an agency as well; application of knowledge, skill,
and planning with regard to network security at all times. He/she assists with computer
maintenance, install equipment, perform preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting of variety of
hardware and software installations.
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Core/Routine Duties and Responsibilities
Install Antivirus to all client and server computers, and regularly update the anti-virus and
ensure the entire network and computers are virus-free.
Undertake the repairing and maintaining of LAN-s, internet systems and general ICT
Liaise with the Internet Service Provider and other IT partners and make sure there are
standard IT systems and good internet connection.
Ensure all network servers and network equipment are up and running.
Oversee repair of computers and ICT equipment, when possible - facilitate and advise on
best, safest and most economic solutions in consultation with supervisor.
Identify equipment and accessories required for the smooth functioning of computers and
ICT equipment in the office.
Ensure proper power output regulated to all ICT systems in the office. Facilitate the
purchase of IT related items through the procurement team.
Responsible use and confidentiality of any institutional information
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2. Periodical or on an as-needed basis Duties and Responsibilities
a. Physical installation/de-installation of hardware equipment
b. Install/configure computer/laptop peripherals.
c. Diagnose and facilitate the repair of non-warranty equipment.
d. Perform regular cleaning of the hardware equipment resident in the department such as
e. Implement, manage, and troubleshoot hardware Device Drivers
f. Implement, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Desktop Operating Systems, Applications
and Server platforms
g. Deploy Desktop Operating Systems, Applications and Server platforms updates immediately
after their release.
h. Manage, and Optimize Network Performance, Reliability, and Availability.
i. Optimize network performance and utilization of maximum network security.
j. Create/delete new network users and groups
k. Determine baseline trends of network performance and become familiar with how the
network operates without problems.
l. Network infrastructure installation or upgrades.
m. Implement, configure, manage, and troubleshoot active and passive network equipment
n. Maintain software inventory.
o. Document network, hardware, software, and server configuration and any actions changing
that configuration.
p. Document resolutions to problems and maintain repair logs
3. Weekly Duties and Responsibilities
a. Deploy Anti-Virus software and conduct regular checks to ensure efficacy of such anti virus
products throughout the office.
4. System and user data Backup
a) In consultation with supervisor, establish a clear back-up policy and undertake the necessary
steps for this activity including designing a schedule and materials list.
b) Ensure back up and archives are created and stored as scheduled.
c) Make sure to keep in-site and off-site backup.
d) Perform periodic System and user data Backup to ensure that in the event of a serious
incident, all data created, modified or stored after the last backup will not be lost.
e) Test backups and data recovery procedures.
5. Training
a. Be able to provide basic training and help desk functions to the employees on the use of
various application software programs
b. Conduct staff training on computer basics and the use of applications and networking.
6. Communication Protocol
a. Weekly – Supervisor.
b. Periodical or on an as-needed basis – Supervisor, Director General
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7. Web Design and Updating
a. Will be responsible for updating the Country Program’s content on the global website portal
and other sources
b. Provide input in the design and production of electronic documents for circulation
c. Support the Office department in the production of e- training resource materials
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
A university degree in an IT related discipline
Professional Certifications such as Microsoft Certification (MCP, MCITP, MCSA) is required
CCNA, MCSE, Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) Certification is an advantage
Strong MS Office for Mac skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook)
Knowledge and experience in using cloud services and storage (dropbox, onedrive, google
docs, office web apps or the possibility of setting up a custom one)
Minimum of two years’ experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of
computers, network installations, and electronic equipment.
At least one year experience in network administration and management.
Experience in both hardware and software management in local area networking (LAN);
mobile technology, experience in the configuration of internal email system as per the local
area networking (LAN)
Knowledge of internet, proxy, POP mail, and TCPIP settings, Mac, Linux, windows and mobile
operating systems.
Ability to trouble-shoot and maintain both wireless and cable connections is required.
Hands on experience with video editing tools as provided by Equal Access and others such as
Adobe Premier PRO, After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro etcetera
Ability to troubleshoot, plan and design low maintenance systems is a must.
Experience using 2D and 3D animation software (Adobe Flash, Maya etc.) would be an
Practical problem solving skills and solid trouble shooting skills
Persistence and tenacity of purpose
Very organized person with excellent communication skills
Self-motivated and able to complete work in timely manner
Able to work with minimal supervision
Excellent documentation skills
Individual with integrity, dedication, creativity, flexibility and initiative
Able to continually evaluate and prioritize tasks.
Excellent People skills
Good knowledge and skills in the use of web publishing software
Ability to share knowledge in a very empathetic manner
MAY 2014
One Page applications and CV to be submitted to
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