The Butterfly Effect
Something small’s actions can
cause something big.
When anyone says ‘The Butterfly Effect’ they could
mean 1. The movie or 2. The effect when something
small can cause something big. The definition of the
butterfly effect is ‘a cumulatively large effect that a very
small natural force may produce over a period of time.’.
One Meteorologist put it: “if this theory is correct, one
flap of a seagull’s wings is enough to alter the course of
weather forever”. Also, the Butterfly Effect is used in
Time Travel/ Sci-Fi books and movies because any
action you do can alter history for good, in fact, just
appearing there might change lots of things already and
a final fact: the butterfly is just a theory; it hasn’t been
proved by anyone yet (so I might be making a
powerpoint about something that doesn’t exist at all).
Original Example
1. a butterfly is happily flapping its wings in *your
random location on this planet here*
2. the wind from that butterfly’s wings is not counted
in weather stations
3. Atmospheric changes are ready to create a
hurricane... but they need just one more teeny tiny
gust of wind from *the random location on this
planet that you just chose* to set off a hurricane
wrecking havoc in the direction of *a second random
location on this planet that is far away from the last
random location*
4. weather stations on the second location claim
“ the hurricane will not reach here but it will die out
near the shore” WRONG!!! They didn’t count that
butterflies wings did they??
5. people don’t panic and get ready so that location
gets squashed (along with the people in it)
Predator vs. Prey
 1. something small (poisonous insect) kills a
 2. Foxes starve in one area, they die and then
the corpses create a epidemic only aiming for
Foxes. Foxes are wiped out.
 3. Rabbits reproduce to be now intellegent
 4. Rabbits equal to humans in number and
 5. All because you or something small killed that
How to make your own example
• 1. You are happily *in here put something you do*
• 2. When suddenly *in here put someone you know* sees
you doing *what you were doing*
• 3. This *Inspires/Angrifies/Strikes/Makes (that
certain someone) flip his/her lid* of *that someone you
• 4. So this pushes *that someone* *To make a antisomething club/Make a masterpiece of his or her
time/go insane*
• 5. This is noticed in near/far/distant future where
*that someone* becomes famous and changes history
*batman theme song*
Bruce Wayne’s (from the Batman) bat-suit
was inspired by the fear that a bat caused
when it fluttered into his study room (no
bat = no batman).
‘Well, you bombed me first!’
Near the end of WW1 a German bunker was
bombed by an American plane… everybody in it
died… except one. His name was Adolf Hitler
Ok Hitler, Zis
time for sure.
Hey! Isn’t he
Be Quiet! Its ok as
long as we can get
rid of these nukes!
Never, ever, trust the weather
Weather stations in America said that hurricane
Katrina was only a category 1 storm, a mistake so
small it wasn’t important at the time. Then Katrina
became a category 3 growing to a category 5.
Humankind: 0 Nature: 1
It’s a scam!
Another example is George Bush’s first
term in office. All TV stations said Al Gore
won but one station: ‘Fox news’ said
George won. Eventually this change made
the other stations change their opinion.
Who ordered this broadcast? George’s own
cousin who works for Fox… that’s who.
The killer postman
Someone sent a package to someone
and it turned into the great plague
(further details could not be reached)
Ow! My eye!!!
At the battle of Hastings if king Harold wasn,t
shot in the eye by an arrow, history would be
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