Government Extra Credit Projects

Civics Extra Credit Projects, 1st 9 weeks 2014-2015.
Choose one of the following as your project. A project is worth 30 points extra credit,
and only one project will be accepted. There should be no typographical or spelling
errors and the presentation should be typed. ALL EXTRA CREDIT IS DUE TO MR.
1. Choose a local issue or benefit the government should provide, such as constructing a
new playground, widening a narrow road, installing a traffic light at a dangerous
intersection, etc. Write a position statement as to why action needs to be taken, the
possible costs of the project, and possible sources to cover the costs.
2. Attend a city council meeting or school board meeting. Describe the issues being
discussed. What were your thoughts on how business was conducted? What were
some things that you observed and learned through this experience? Draw some
conclusions as to how effective you feel this government is and explain your
3. Find out what bills are pending in the House or Senate. Choose one to research. Find
out how the bill started, its purpose, the steps it has gone through, and so on.
4. The six major principles of our government include the following: popular
sovereignty, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial review,
and limited government. Collect magazine and newspaper articles (printing articles
from the internet are also acceptable) that relate to these principles and place them
under the correct headings. Then write a description of how each article relates to the
5. From the time a person is born to the time they die, forms and certificates play an
important role. For each of the following find out what level of government is
involved, how much they cost, and their purposes: birth certificate, social security
card, high school diploma, hunting and fishing licenses, and death certificate. Obtain
examples of each.
6. You may design a project of your own. This project must involve creativity, time
considerations, and government significance. Please contact Mr. Hall before
embarking on your own project; If I haven’t approved your project, I will not accept it
for credit.
Please ensure you cite all of your sources for your projects; I want to know where you
obtained your information. Please see Mr. Hall if you have any questions.