The embassy fund


The Norwegian Embassy Fund 2011

As of September, the Norwegian Embassy Fund is supporting around 70 projects spread out in different parts of Kosovo. Here is an overview of the projects that the Fund is supporting in 2011.

Embassy Fund 2011 (as of September 2011)

Democracy, human rights and socio political issues


Minorities, dialogue and reconciliation


Enterprise development


Gender, youth and education


Democracy, Human Rights and Socio-political Issues

Statens Kartverk. The Norwegian institution Statens Kartverk (SK) is supporting Kosovo Property Agency in their information system. SK will monitor relevant KPA procedures, equipment and systems to ensure professional quality of the information, while maintaining the KPA information system operational at all times.

NATO. Seminars on Gender and Human Rights for the Ministry of Kosovo Security Force. The Embassy

Fund is supporting a three step seminar to consider, develop, produce and implement the first Gender and Human Rights policy for the Ministry. The seminars brought more people than anticipated.

INPO. The School of Activism will educate high school and university students on civic education, activism, decision-making processes and active citizenry. Through this, students are expected to become an active part of the civil society of Kosovo. The school has experienced and professional trainers. The first lessons were held in August.

Democracy for Development. TUESDAY SALON – Dialogue for Kosovo. The project aims to contribute to a culture of debate, dialogue, discussion and consensus. It entails weekly informal sessions with practical agendas and different participants with a problem-solving approach.

Kosovo Democratic Institute. CIMAP Publication. The Fund supports the publication of a report that measures corruption in public administration. The research has been conducted by KDI and it uses the framework of Transparency International.

KUMT Consulting. The Kosovo-based organization delivers consulting services to, among other, the

Norwegian embassy. They provide detailed monthly reports of the events in the economic and political sphere. The aim is to strengthen civil society and the free flow of information.

Fol. Fol (Speak Up) promotes public oversight and is working to increase public scrutiny of the government’s work, meanwhile advocating for transparency, accountability and reform. Fol will advocate for better relations with citizens and more accountability of the judiciary, with the aim of fighting corruption and organized crime.

Foreign Policy Club. Turkish Foreign Policy in the Balkans. Support for research, panel conferences and small talks regarding the growing influence of Turkey in the Balkans. Invited guests will feature Turkish academics, diplomats and intellectuals.

Kosovo Local Government Institute. Academy for local governance. KLGI will train 60 selected municipal decision-makers from 14 various municipalities on local governance.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. Prishtina Insight. Support to Prishtina Insight in promoting high-quality, ground-breaking investigative journalism in Kosovo, while building a sustainable newspaper and building bridges between the international and local community.

Shoqata e te verberve te Kosoves. Supporting the publishing of one issue of a quarterly magazine with a special print allowing blind people and people with weakened sight to have access to information.

QKSTQE. Employing a therapeutic method of horse riding for children with limited abilities.

Lef Nosi. School trips for students of the Special School Lef Nosi. There were two trips in June, for 52 children. The program included gymnastics and psychometric exercises. This initiative is co-funded with the Embassy of Switzerland and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Enterprise Development

UZ Gora. The embassy supported purchasing sewing equipment for the women of the association, so that they could continue producing handwork for their shop in Prishtina, while also fostering integration of women from the Gora region in the Kosovar society.

Albania Experience. Peja in Your Pocket. Preparation and publishing of a guidebook on Peja, to be distributed free (or at low cost) in Peja, Kosovo and the Balkans.

Liridoni. Strengthen the company’s capacities to manage and recycle garbage in the Kolonia area in

Gjakova region.

Agrovet. Support to establishing orchards and capacity building of farmers for the project “Promote economic development and support job creation for households in the agricultural sector through increased participation of minority, women and youth in Kosovo society”.

KB Rugova. Bee keeping. Provide equipment and training to 7 families with different ethnic background in the Peja region so that they could keep bees, produce and sell honey.

Auto Larje Albani. Support to expand the business, so as to offer more services and employ people from unprivileged backgrounds.

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce. VET Award. The aim of the award is to raise awareness on the link between the private sector and VET.

Gender, Education and Youth

Fondacioni Together. The project provides free 24/7 online counseling from top experts in the country, in anonymous mode, to young people on issues of mental health and other issues faced when growing up.

Kosovo Institute of Psychology. Learn the signs, Act early. A non-formal education program to inform parents and caretakers on the developmental milestones for children from 0-5 years.

BN Architects & Associates. The Embassy Fund is supporting three BN-projects in Gender, Education and


1) Toilets and a sports field for a primary school in Lutogllave, Prizren. New toilets will create better conditions in the educational facility. Students’ health was put at risk due to bad hygienic conditions.

2) Provide a water treatment solution for a kindergarten in Suhareka, because of risks of diseases coming from the open sewage.

3) Support to put up wooden blinds to improve the conditions during hot season in six Bunatekas (local public libraries): Celine, Drenoc, Sferk, Muhlan, Bajgore and Bostan.

Gani Bobi. Support for the translation into English and Serbian and the publication of these translations of the book Trashëgimia bizantine në Kosovë: Estetika, arti, politizimet, at the Institute for Humanistic


Biblioteka ne Gjakove. The Embassy has provided a list of books which were in great demand, but were not available at the library.

Isniq School. Support for buying books for the public school library. All books that were available in the school library dated back to the 1980’s. The provided books are in accordance with curriculum requirements.

Libri Shkollor. Books for Kosovar primary school children in line with curriculum requirements.

Meshari. Books and administration of Bunateka-s. The project enhances educational opportunities to vulnerable groups; children in remote rural areas. BUNATEKA-s will also have an administration system to facilitate the work for teachers and provide data on books that are read.

Policia e Kosoves. Ride for Life. The Kosovo Police - in cooperation with various partners – initiated annual projects and campaigns in order to raise public awareness on consequences of careless road traffic behavior. The project aims to increase students’ awareness on road traffic risks and to acquaint them with road traffic rules.

Decani Municipality. The embassy has funded a sidewalk of 1 kilometer from Lebushe village to the primary school in Strellc. The sidewalk will have a direct impact on road safety for children going to school. RNE has also co-funded a sports field in a primary school in the village of Baballoq, Municipality of Decan, thus improving education infrastructure.

Balkan Sunflowers. Learning Centers Network. Balkan Sunflowers has 11 years of experience working within the region and working with Kosovo minorities, and 3 years running the Learning Centers

Network. They work to enable Kosovo Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children and young people to participate in equality with their Serbian and Albanian peers in school.

City of Fredrikstad. Promoting democracy through the read thread of education. Building competence and knowledge at Gezimi i Yne kindergarten and Ismail Qemail primary school in Mitrovica. They promote inclusion of minorities and improved cognitive development of children, as well as early childhood civic education.

SOS Children’s Village. Play for All Kids Festival. Provide educational and entertainment activities for children in entire Kosovo through a children’s festival that is also held across the region on Children’s


Alban Muja and Kaltrina Krasniqi. With your country in the background. Distributing 100 one-use cameras throughout the country and ask people, mainly young people, to take photos of themselves and their surroundings. 60 of these will be collected in a photographic book and exhibition. The goal is to represent life in Kosovo as it is in reality, and not staged or framed.

Teatri Kombetar. Financial support to set up Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. This is a collaboration with theatres from the region. The play travels across the region, hence promoting Kosovar theatre and establishing informal theatre networks.

DokuFest. DokuKids 2011 + DokuPhoto. International Documentary and Short Film Festival – DokuFest is a yearly event held every August in the city of Prizren. It is a non-governmental organization established in 2002 by a group of citizens from various professional profiles. DOKUFEST is regarded as one of the biggest cultural event, the most influential and most visited festival in the country. DokuKids and

DokuPhoto are also in the festival’s program. DokuKids offers an opportunity for children to learn about animation as well as be actively engaged in positive activities.

Arta Ramadani. Support to organize an exhibition in Kosovo and have access to regional artistic scenes and markets.

Shoqata Kulturore e Kosovës “ANTON PASHKU”. Takimet e Gjecovit 2011. Support to a cultural, literary and scientific event in Zym i Hasit, Prizren. The project aims to support cultural events for rural Catholic population.

DardaMEDIA. Rexho Mulliqi – Classical Concert. The ensemble consists of 15 professional musicians; most of them play in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Kosovo. This project has gathered musicians who will work on recording a CD with songs composed by Albanian composers, to be distributed abroad.

N’GO. The first edition of a music festival in Prizren intertwined with workshops and environmental activities for young people. The goal is to involve youth, get them active in environmental issues, and in the long run put the festival in the map of world music festivals. The festival was held in the end of June.

Summer Urban Festival. Surfing Beyond Borders. A five days festival in Prishtina aiming to turn Kosovo into a focal point for sharing knowledge, ideas and fun. The festival features workshops and exhibitions with representatives of a wide range of artistic and social disciplines. The festival was held in the beginning of September.

Jeton Rushiti and Selmon Beha. The making of a documentary about the identity of young people in

Kosovo, named Anarchy in the EU – Who Am I?

Kosovo Glocal. Kosovo 2.0 website. The website features blogs, sound and video sections, as a way to promote Kosovo and its youth within and outside the country, with a special emphasis on regional collaboration. After Kosovo Glocal published the first issue of its magazine, the embassy purchased copies in English, Albanian and Serbian

Rebecca Beynon. Girls in Transition. Exploring the intricate nature and evolution of female identity in post-conflict Kosovo. Project activities covered by the embassy include research and setting up an exhibition.

Center for Protection of Women. Prevention of Trafficking. The overall objective of this project is to combat and forestall trafficking of human beings by raising awareness about the threat among the most vulnerable; young and females, especially in rural areas of Kosovo. The project will also give vocational

training to 20 selected young women to increase their capacity to resist trafficking and build independent lives.

CPWC. Shelter support for victims of gender-based violence. The goal of the project is to protect and help victims of trafficking and victims of domestic violence in Kosovo, in the region of Mitrovica.

KFK Kacanikasja. Participation of the female football team Kacanikasja in Norway Cup during August.

The team won the B-finale.

OJQ Jakova. Providing equipment to organize a basketball tournament for children in Gjakova.

ECONATURA. Clean up of the Mirusha regional park, placement of trash cans throughout the park, a sign at the entrance, as well as signs in the park about the flora and fauna.

Bang Bang Kindergarten. Support to kindergarten Bang Bang for toys, beds, blankets, desks and chairs.

Minorities, Reconciliation and Dialogue

Musicians Without Borders. Skopje Summer School. A summer school in Skopje that would bring together 12 students from the Mitrovica Rock School’s South branch and 12 from its North branch. The kids form mixed bands and work together towards a major outdoor concert in Skopje. The organization has been involved in implementing reconciliatory music projects in conflict areas for 10 years.

PRN Golf. Organizing of a small multiethnic golf training and tournament with 64 secondary school children. The tournament has enabled children to learn about each other through a sport activity.

KVERKUS NGO. Albanian language course for Serbians in Kosovo. Participants are predominately journalists, but also local traders and some local officials in Gracanica. The courses started in March, lasting for six months.

Trepca Volleyball Club. Supporting the multiethnic women’s volleyball club in Mitrovica. The club has existed since 2000 without a membership fee and limited support from external sources.

Cross Cultures Project Association. Promoting peaceful co-existence between Albanians and Serbs in

Kosovo. The aim of the project is to foster cross-community friendships and sports cooperation through

the implementation of regional volunteer seminars and community-based children’s sport activities during the summer of 2011.

Visoki Decani. Improving the IT infrastructure at the Decani Monastery, in order to maintain their website and communication with the outside world.

ECMI. Institutional Support to the Kosovo Consultative Council for Communities (CCC). The CCC is working to safeguard the rights of minorities. ECMI Kosovo has been granted funding for a one-year period to strengthen the links of the CCC to Kosovo Government institutions and local community representatives, while at the same time increasing its ability to influence policy.

Association of the Youth of Leposavic. A summer festival that would include a sports tournament, movie projections and concerts. The goal is to get the youth of Leposavic active, and construct sports fields that they can use after the festival too. The festival took place in August, with success. The project was cofunded with the Netherlands Embassy.

Radio KIM. Radio KIM is producing radio and TV bulletins, and internet news, about functioning and work of the newly established Serb municipalities in Kosovo. Media coverage will help local governance promote their work to the Kosovo Serb community.

Scardus. Sharr eco camp. A summer camp with an educational component, as well as actual actions, such as cleaning up and repairing the ski routes. The goal is to educate youth on the importance and forms of conservation and regeneration of environment, as well as clean up and repair things at the ski resort.

Scardus has also received funding to organize a competition in snowboard cross discipline in Brezovica in


Justice Sector

Christian Schwarz Schilling Project. Training future mediators in Pristina. The aim of the project is to contribute to a more efficient justice delivery system, ensuring swifter access to justice for individuals and allowing courts to focus their attention on the most pressing cases. The 15 participants will be certified as mediators at the end of the training. Mediators will be from local institutions, business, and

NGOs with knowledge on ADR and mediation components.