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101 MGT/Fundamental of Management
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True or false question ; (5 points)
1. A goal of efficiency is to minimize resource costs ( T-.)
2. The 4 contemporary management processes are planning, organizing, leading,
& controlling ( T)
3. Determining who reports to whom is part of the controlling function of
management (F)
4. Managers need to adapt to cultures, systems, and techniques that are different
from their own to succeed in today’s global village ( T.)
5. SWOT analysis includes an analysis of an organization’s environmental
opportunities and threats only (F )
6. Benchmarking is a specific form of environmental scanning and to be most
useful; benchmarking should only involve companies in the same industry ( F
7. Planning is concerned with how objectives are to be accomplished, not what is
to be accomplished ( F.)
8. Term short plans are those covering one year or less (T)
9. Management today is highly constrained by national borders( F )
10. MBO programs do not specify time requirements when setting objectives ( F
choose the right words that matching the definition below;(3 points)
Organization – management – entrepreneurship -MBO -six sigma – planning – controlling bench marking – SWOT analysis
1-… -six sigma …; a philosophy and measurement process that attempts to design in
quality as a product is being made.
2 -…– planning …...; defining the organization's objectives , establishing an overall
strategy for achieving those goals , and developing a comprehensive hierarechy of
plans to integrate and coordinate activities.
3 -… Organization ……; a systematic arrangement of people brought together to
accomplish some specific purpose.
4 -… entrepreneurship; the process of initiating abusiness venture , organizing the
necessary resources , and assuming the risks and rewardes.
5 -…… -MBO ……....; a system in which specific performance objectives are jointly
determined by subordinates and supervisors , progress toward objectives is
periodically reviewed , and rewards are allocated on the basis of that progress.
6 -…– management...;the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently ,
through and with other people .
complete diagram below, then answer only two questions (3POINTS) ;
the strategic management process:
Analyze the
Identify the
Analyze the
Multible choice questions( 3 points)
1 ._____ The first wave in the evolution of modern civilization was driven by
-A agriculture
-C industrialization
-B multinational
-D information
2- How do operatives differ from managers :
-A day activities of others to Operatives are responsible for directing the day
B -Operatives manage other managers
C -Operatives have no responsibility for overseeing the work of others
D -Operatives make decisions about the direction of the organization
3 -Strategic plans differ from tactical plans in their
A-frequency of use
C -breadth
D-time frame
Answer only two questions; )6 points )
1 -What are the four grand strategies available for most organizations? Briefly define
each one?
2 -Differentiate between formal and informal planning?
3-list four benefits for using technology in the organizations ?
4 -list the three kinds of managers? Briefly define each one?