1.06B Topic Sentence

1.06B Topic Sentence
What it is:
One complete sentence addressing a topic or prompt
What it has:
1. Topic – question stem or topic you are discussing
2. Controlling Idea – What you want to say about it
Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer, used real scientific principles in many
of his stories.
You can see the topic in red and the controlling idea in purple. This sentence lets us
know that the paragraph will show us how Isaac Asimov used real science in his
stories by using examples from the stories.
For this assignment, choose ONE of the questions and write a topic sentence using
your notes from 1.06A to help:
1. Based on this chapter, what might be the author’s message or theme?
2. How is H. G. Wells’ fictional world in War of the Worlds similar to the real world?
You can see the topic highlighted in red for you. Just add your thoughts for the
controlling idea on the question you choose to write about.