Water as a Resource
Water is Life
What are you
doing to conserve
or protect water?
Water Facts
70% of the Earth is water
97.5% of the water is salt water
2.5% is fresh water
30.6% is ground water
– Canada has about 20% of the
worlds ground water
• If on the surface the ground
water would cover the entire surface of
the Earth to a depth of 120m
Water Use in Your Home
1. Speculate on why
Canadians use 210
Litres more water than
Europeans on a daily
2. What can we do to
lower our water
Water Usage
Water Usage
1. Withdrawal Water
Water taken from its natural source and
returned to the source but not in the same
Example is a thermal-electrical plant,
agricultural and mining activities, consumed
Water is returned to the source but changed
Water Usage
2. In stream Water
• Not removed from its source to be used
• Examples are a hydro-electric generating plant
• Water passes through the plant and returned in
the same condition
• Other examples are waste disposal and fisheries
Water Bodies and Systems
• River systems are grouped together by the
bodies of water they flow into called
drainage basins.
• Remember what flows downhill
Water Diversions
• The movement of
water beyond its
normal drainage basin
• Can cause a disruption
of the normal
• Organisms not natural
to an ecosystem may
be introduced
Run-Off and Pollution
• Industrial waste,
human waste being
dumped into the
water supply
• Chemicals from
fertilizer moving into
the water supply
What to do?
What is your responsibility?