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Energy Forms and Transformations
The term energy describes the capacity to
produce changes within a system.
There aren’t different “types” of energy.
Energy is transformed and can reside in
different states.
Energy Forms and Transformations
Energy has many different forms, and many
devices transform energy between these
various forms:
• Electric circuits transform electrical energy into heat,
light, sound, and mechanical energy.
• The sun transforms nuclear energy into light and
radiant energy.
• Chemical reactions transform chemical energy into
other forms of energy.
Mechanical Energy
The sum of an object’s kinetic (or motion)
energy, its gravitational potential energy, and
its elastic potential energy.
Mechanical Energy
Kinetic Energy
• The energy of movement
– Movement is a broad term
Mechanical Energy
Potential Energy
-The energy of position
-The ability to do work
-Between an object and a given position
-Gravitational, elastic, chemical
Heat Energy
Kinetic energy associated with the random
motions of particles that make up an object.
-More correctly called thermal energy.
Chemical Energy
Potential energy associated with the
arrangement of charged particles in
atoms and molecules.
This energy can be transformed
during chemical changes when
bonds between atoms are broken,
made, or rearranged.
Nuclear Energy
• Energy possessed by the nucleus of atoms as a
result of the strong force that holds the
nucleus together.
• This energy can be converted into kinetic
energy in the processes such as fission and
Electrical Energy
A form of potential energy that charged particles
may have due to the electrical forces exerted
on them.
Sound Energy
The kinetic energy of moving molecules that
carry sound waves.
Light Energy
Energy carried by visible light.
– Electromagnetic radiation
Radiant Energy
• Energy carried by waves similar to light but
invisible, such as microwaves, radio waves,
infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays.
Alternative Definition
Energy is the ability to do work.
Energy Transformations
Energy doesn’t change “forms.” It merely exists in different states.
What state (form) is the energy currently in?
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