ECON102 syllabus S2015

ECON 102
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Spring 2015
Name: Islam Rizvanoghlu
Office: 409
Website: Follow this class on Wiki
Course Description:
This course will introduce the principles of macroeconomics, which focuses on the determinants of total
national output. We will learn core concepts, such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, investment and explore
their importance for the long-run economic growth, aggregate output and supply in a country.
Textbook and Instructional Materials:
Case, Fair & Oster, Principles of Economics, 11e with MyEconLab.
Course Objectives:
The students are expected to master in basic macroeconomic concepts including national income, national
output, inflation, unemployment, price level, aggregate demand, aggregate supply and economic growth.
Besides, the students will be able to analyze the role of government and monetary authority on the aggregate
macro variables.
Examinations and Evaluation:
Final exam
Homeworks (MyEconLab)
Bonus Attendance
Class Policies and Procedures:
As a courtesy to your fellow students and me please be on time for class. If you arrive late, please
come in quietly and settle quickly. Please turn off all cell phones during the lecture. Attendance is
rewarded. You can get up to 5% of overall grade as bonus if you attend classes.
You should follow this class on for any possible updates and announcements.
Tentative Schedule:
Week 1
Chapter 20
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Week 2
Chapter 21
Measuring National Output and National Income
Week 3
Chapter 22
Unemployment, Inflation and Long-run Growth
Week 4
Chapter 23
Aggregate Expenditure and Equilibrium Output
Week 5
Chapter 24
The Government an Fiscal Policy
Week 6
Chapter 25
The Money Supply and the Federal Reserve System
Week 7
Chapter 26
Money Demand and the Equilibrium Interest Rate
Week 8
Chapter 27
Aggregate Demand in the Goods and Money Markets
Week 9
Chapter 28
Aggregate Supply and the Equilibrium Price Level
Week 10
Chapter 29
The Labor Market in the Macroeconomy
Week 10
Chapter 31
Household and Firm Behavior in the Macroeconomy: A Further Look
Week 11
Chapter 32
Long-Run Growth
Week 12
Chapter 33
Alternative Views in Macroeconomics
Week 13
Chapter 35
Open-Economy Macroeconomics: The Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates