February 2014 - Tufts University

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Members in attendance: Andrew Eitzer, Caroline Bodi, Erin Carey, Sophia Topulos, Sirrika Samuels, Anya
Price, Rachel Madenjian, Allie Mosel, Dr. Lois Wetmore
1. Travel grant funds
a. 15 travel grants of $300 to be distributed from the January applications
b. $26,200 in external account
i. $9,000 allocated for 30 travel grants up to $300 in 2014 (15 January, 15 April)
2. Edit requirements for next set of travel grant applications (April)
a. Include rubric and criteria for reimbursable expenses: travel, lodging, and food (not
supplies, not uniforms)
b. Also eliminate requirement of sending in essay after the experience to Vet Gazette –
can suggest sending in interesting ones
c. Make it clear that contact person should not be applicant (write: contact person: if
3. Dinner with Dr. Threlfall
a. Ted’s Montana Grill at 6 PM for 11
Action Items
 Deborah Steneck bid at Parents’ Day auction ($100)
o contacted person who donated item, couldn’t get a hold of donor and needs
o get in contact with Deborah Steneck (via Amanda Steneck, student)
 edit travel grant guidelines
o change bylaws so that VGS selects presidents for SCAVMA – include TUVAA rep, IVSA
rep, Vice President, have a Board-wide meeting once a semester, officer term dates
 need to get advisors’ okay and school’s okay of them, and then send to Dr. Hall
and get approval (make sure to send in all the amendments to advisors)
 survey to SCAVMA members (“does anyone disapprove of these bylaws)
 need to approve every itemized change (send it all in one survey)
 work with Erin: re: taxes
 organize Board meeting (entire Board = committee chairs, IVSA rep, TUVAA rep) for spring
 talk to PR committee: set up rotating schedule of managing SCAVMA Facebook page for events
(go over this on Board-wide meeting)
o one person/month in charge of Facebook page, one person in charge of calendar
 send out email reminding club presidents/treasurers to update calendar
 talk to Dr. Blaze about MVMA contacts
 figure out “articles of incorporation” (Bodi has info from last year)
 send email about reminder about presidents/treasurers meeting in May (CC Joe McManus, Lesli
Matloff, Tina Rice)
 bylaws for treasurer – work with Frank
 Hand-off from Senior Treasurer to Junior Treasurer as of July 1st
Senior Treasurer files taxes from July 1 - June 30 of previous year; done with treasurer
responsibilities for that year; handle all tax issues for previous fiscal year
o update for Treasurer SOP (include how to fill out tax forms)
o work on description of activities (based on UC Davis) – Bodi has info for this!!
waiting on accountant proposal of fees: email Sirrika with this info
website of check lists/to-do lists – good model for future meetings?
edit calendar on Gmail so that everyone with a link can access it (so that PR committee
members can manage calendar)
 change over the Drive permissions
 go over Tufts SCAVMA google docs to transfer ownership – email owners to relinquish
 order Chef Sun for Friday, make reservations for Thursday
 talk to Jay Katz about MVMA lunch talk (next September)
 send website info about club leaders to ICDC
Dr. Wetmore:
 send email with info (Bob Erstgard) – computer guys for remote desktop to manage finances
 talk to Stacey and Dasha about store inventory
o can get in touch with Michelle Stewart and Iliana Quimbaya (previously store owners)
o set up meeting with Tina Rice, Hills reps and treasurers
All members:
 work on agenda for board meeting:
o Calendar
o Committee selection in spring (not fall), when Committee Chairs are sent
1. Frank
a. Welcome to the Board, Rebecca and Rachel!
b. Consolidate information on officer tasks
i. Minutes: summarize assignments/tasks at the top of meeting minutes
ii. Allie: website of check-lists/to-do lists for whole group to see
c. Symposium grants
i. 2 extra (from people who have backed out of Symposium)
ii. 1 grant awarded to Nancy Boren (only person who did not receive grant and
registered), Keep money from extra travel grant
d. Electing TUVAA rep – 2 year position, elect them from a committee (with no members)
i. Student who would attend 2 meetings/year
ii. Set this up for the fall
iii. Current alumni liason: Andrew
1. Next TUVAA meeting: April 9th, 6:30 pm
e. IVSA rep: supposed to be on SCAVMA Board
i. Could function more as a committee head; used to be president of VGS
1. Change bylaws so that VGS selects an IVSA rep for SCAVMA
f. Addition of SCAVMA Board to SCAVMA Executive Board
i. Committee heads and IVSA rep join for meetings once/semester
ii. Reshuffle committees – reallocate members from committees that have lots of
people but not a lot of activity (e.g. Community Service committee)
iii. Coffee committee: post update on coffee machine on Facebook
iv. Social committee: change responsibilities to planning First Fridays
v. Board meeting with committee chairs to more appropriately codifying
committee duties
1. Chairs involved with changing their bylaws
2. Meeting in April with new committee chairs and old committee chairs
to pass the torch
g. Facebook page management
i. PR manage posts about event updates
1. Management of Facebook page for uses of advertising, etc.
2. PR should be in contact with other committees re: event planning
3. Requirements: post at least twice/month
a. Once for first Friday, once for lunch talk/other
4. Everything posted to Barbara gets posted to Facebook, CC the PR
ii. Website committee uploads photos (e.g. from events)
h. Calendar: not many clubs using it
i. Talk about this at SCAVMA club presidents and treasurers meeting
ii. Each month, one member of the SCAVMA PR committee will be assigned to
manage the calendar (without signing into the Gmail account)
1. In charge of SCAVMA events (First Friday, lunch talks)
2. PR person needs to read emails and add events to calendar!
iii. Table this discussion for Board-wide meeting
i. Google Drive permissions – anyone with link can edit?!
i. Changed to anyone with link can view
ii. Sweep of documents to transfer ownership to Tufts Scavma account
j. Increase presence/awareness of calendar
i. Talk to Betsy Like or Rushmie Nofsinger about publicizing events
k. Deborah Steneck from SCAVMA auction – no response about refund check
i. Check on whitepages.com for phone number
ii. Rachel: investigate
l. Vote for Vice President change – vote conducted January 28th, 2013
i. 119 votes: 116 yes, 3 no
m. Officer term changes: March 2nd
i. Frank: add to bylaws
n. Contact with MVMA
i. Cheryl Blaze = contact member
ii. Dr. Warner has been in contact with MVMA re: mentoring
2. Andrew
a. FREE travel from Embassy Suites to Denver International Airport on Sunday!
i. Possible to switch shuttle? Emailed Jen
1. Allie: forwarded email to Jen re: head count
b. Contact for MVMA
i. Keep students informed of what MVMA membership entails
ii. Talk to Jay Katz about MVMA membership
c. AVMA meetings every year
i. Talk on being a member of the AVMA: what’s in it for students?
1. Faculty members would be good candidates (Rozanski)
ii. Sophia: as part of membership recruitment: add numbers/statistics comparing
veterinary schools across nation re: AVMA membership
d. ICDC: asking for heads of every club to get massive list of every school
i. Collaboration across veterinary schools
ii. Use list from website
3. Erin
a. Taxes: Since 2004 or so, Tufts SCAVMA has needed to file taxes itself
i. Not officially a non-profit currently due to exceeding the allotted time in which
an organization can exist while not filing taxes
ii. Form 1024 re-instates us as a non-profit
1. Send this in along with form 8718
a. Requires check with $850 to be attached to it (fine)
2. Need copy of bylaws, articles of incorporation (we don’t have them)
a. Incorporation date on SCAVMA plaque
b. Make up articles of incorporation
i. Frank: find out what this is/talk to other schools
c. Need description of activities
i. Get most of these from President/Pres-elect SOP
ii. Just get a description down; accounting can take down
what is irrelevant
d. UC Davis: good model for tax information
iii. Form 990: annual federal government form
1. Need to file this for the past 5 years!
iv. Hand-off from Senior Treasurer to Junior Treasurer as of July 1st
1. Senior Treasurer files taxes from July 1 - June 30 of previous year; done
with treasurer responsibilities for that year
b. Ongoing relationship with accounting firm – ensure someone is bookkeeping
i. Help us file taxes properly; teach new person each year
ii. Pay a fee for services; Erin has asked for proposed fee
c. Accounting software: QuickBooks (purchased and put on “treasurer laptop”)
i. Options: key to a locked room to keep items such as a computer
1. Remote desktop
2. Get Q drive allocated for SCAVMA
3. Talk to guys outside VLH – Bob Erstgard (Dr. Wetmore – send email with
d. Donor organizations: a lot require a W-9 form stating that we are a non-profit
i. In past years, they have been given one for Tufts University
ii. We can fill out our own W-9 (download online, fill out with our own info and
SCAVMA’s tax ID)
1. According to accountant it is okay to continue conducting business as if
we are a non-profit (as we are in the appeals process)
e. Store inventory tracking
i. Should be able to check on the iPad
ii. Sirrika: talk with committee heads (Stacey and Dasha)
f. Committee sign-ups
i. Second years start in spring, not fall
ii. Third years checked – who still need to do another committee
4. Sirrika
a. Hills: Tina Rice - student payments go directly to Hills, who then pays us (Tufts)
i. Meeting with Tina Rice, Hills rep, and Sirrika
b. President-Treasurer Meeting
i. Joe McManus and Lesli Matloff should come to meeting
ii. Need one representative from group (of Joe, Lesli, Tina Rice, etc.) – make them
pick a person to represent the group
iii. Meeting to have in May, before summer, so club presidents are aware of their
duties going into next year
1. Outline plans for the fall
2. Get in touch with presidents and treasurers
iv. Deadline for club funding – set this deadline during club meeting
1. Cap club membership (suggestion of $375 = 75 SCAVMA members)
2. Club communication: show up to Open House
a. Get $50 for attending Open House
3. Address at Presidents/Treasurers meeting
5. Anya
a. Lunch talk food – Chef Sun (~5 trays)
i. Lesli Matloff card – SCAVMA internal account
b. Dinner with Dr. Threlfall Thursday, 2/13
i. 6 PM, Ted’s Montana Grill, in Westborough
ii. Contingency plan: Allie’s Zuku talk rescheduled Friday