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He was known as the

“great compromiser”; he served as Speaker of the House.

Who was Henry


This Constitutional Amendment laid out the way elections were decided if no one received a majority of the ECV; it affected the

1824 election.

What is the Twelfth


These were the two issues involved in the Missouri


What are slavery and

Senate balance?

The Adams-Onis Treaty had four major parts: list three of them


What are FL to US;

US takes on $5 million debt; Spain promises to stay out of Oregon;

US promises to stay out of Mexico?

This is how the Panic of 1819 occurred (your story must use all of the following words:

Land Act of 1800, BUS, Land

Act of 1820).

What is Land Act of 1800 removed

640 acre min purchase size, allowed credit purchase of

Western land; state banks loaned money; BUS more

Conservative, reined in state banks; runs on banks = panic! Land Act of

1820 got rid of federal land purchase on credit.

The name of the road, started in Maryland, that eventually reached St. Louis.

What is the National or Cumberland Road?

List the three names of the new leaders emerging in America after 1815.

Who was Henry Clay,

John Calhoun, &

Daniel Webster?

This supreme court case stands for the idea that federal law is supreme, and the BUS was constitutional.

What was

McCulloch v. Maryland


These were three methods of putting the “American system” into operation.

What are the protective tariff, national bank, and building roads / canals

(or infrastructure)?

These are the parts of the

Monroe Doctrine.

What are US stays out of Europe’s business,

US stays out of existing colonies, no more

European Colonization in Western Hemisphere,

& US will consider violation act of war?

This was the official name

Of “DeWitt’s Big Ditch.”

What is the

Erie Canal?

This was the name of the

Englishman known as the

“Father of the American

Industrial Revolution”

(or “Father of the Factory


Who was Samuel


This form of protection for inventors is limited to twenty years.

What is a patent?

These are the six factors necessary to transform an agricultural into an industrial economy


What are labor, land, capital, technology, transportation, & market?

This was the impact that industrialization had on each of the following regions: Northeast,

Midwest, and South.

What were (NE) Textiles and manufacturing / (MW) transportation, trade & banking, big cities emerge

/ (S) cotton gin, King cotton and increased reliance on slavery?

This future president led the US forces in the Battle of

Horseshoe Bend in AL, and later, at the Battle of New


Who was Andrew


The Battle of Fallen Timbers and later, Tecumseh’s War, resulted in the US dominating this territory.

What is the Northwest


This was the name of the law that required the

Native Americans to be resettled in reservations.

What is the Indian

Removal Act?

This was the longest war in American history, until the Vietnam War took place; it happened in FL.

What is the Second

Seminole War?

This US Supreme Court decision, a victory for the

Cherokee nation, resulted in

President Jackson saying

“Mr. Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”

What is

Worchester v.

State of GA


This was Andrew Jackson’s nickname, from his troops during the War of

1812, given to him because he was so tough.

What is “Old Hickory?”

These are the names of the two types of tariffs discussed in class.

What are revenue and protective (or protection)?

This was the name of the famous debate in the US

Senate between a supporter of nullification and someone who opposed it.

What was the Webster-

Hayne Debate?

This man became Treasury

Secretary to Jackson; he later served on the Supreme Court and authored the




Who is Roger Taney?

This is an explanation of how the two factors that caused the

Panic of 1837 worked together.

What is the panic was caused by the Specie

Circular and the destruction of the BUS?