Appeals to a persons sense of wanting to belong.
 Everybody is saving money with Geico. Why
aren’t you?
 None of my other math teachers give as many
assignments as you do.
 Problem—By suggesting that others are not
doing as many assignments, the student avoids
the real question. Is the work important and
necessary to prepare students for the next level
of mathematics?
Appeals to the use of specific words to evoke
emotion. Can be both positive and negative
 L’Oreal – because you’re worth it!
 Subway- Eat Fresh!
 The Senator is such a snake in the grass.
Appeals to the use of a person of power or
 Michael Jordan wears Nike (and Hanes)
 Dr. Smith loves to use his Camry to take long
road trips! He even says, “I would rather not
drive than drive something other than my
 Problem: Their knowledge though is often
not related to what they are selling. (false
Focuses on competitors shortcomings instead
of a product or candidates strengths, often
using derogatory terms.
Calling competitors bad names
 Does your DSL leave you hanging on the
line? Why settle for less? Switch to Comcast
high-speed internet.
 Tide is better than any other detergent.
Uses ordinary folks to sell the product by
claiming to relate to the problems of everyday
 Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.
 Problem- Just because you are presented as
an ordinary person, doesn’t mean you
understand the problems of the masses.
Uses high class products or names to push
you to make a purchase and/or appeals to
your sense to be smarter, richer, or in some
way, better than average.
 Choosy mothers choose Jif.
 Problem- Is a BMW really better than a
Appeals to the use of a statistics even though
they may be used improperly.
 9 out of 10 dentists recommend it Colgate
 If 85% of students pass English then we
must be doing something right.
 Ignoring the fact that 15% of students fail is
never good.
Connects feelings about one item to another
through comparison.
 John Kerry (2004 presidential candidate) is a
 Problem- You are attaching characteristics
with no basis or reason.
 Get 3 note cards or similar size paper (cut it!)
 Identify 3 slogans or advertisements as you go
through your day: on radio, billboard, TV…
 SIDE 1: write out the slogan and/or description of the
advertisement with the name of the company/product
“Choosy moms choose Jif”
Jif peanut butter
 SIDE 2: write the device(s) used
snob appeal (loaded words]
 Loaded Words can NOT be used as a primary device – ALL ads
use them, so find 3 DIFFERENT devices [do NOT repeat the
 Use at least one of the persuasive devices we’ve talked
about and do the following:
 Pick a product. It can be real or made-up
 Think about what kinds of people the product would be
sold to determine target audience
 Think about what kind of persuasive device would help
sell the product to those people
 Create an ad for your product using at least one of the
persuasive devices
- Create a “pitch” to sell your advertising campaign to the
producers of your product
- Include where your ad will appear (T.V., radio, Internet,
magazine…) as well as who is your target audience
- Practice presentation skills so you are sure to make good
eye contact, use appropriate volume, pronounce words