White Board Review #2 - Marion County Public Schools

The system used to transfer
locations from Earth’s surface to a
flat map
A collection of languages related
through a common ancestor that
existed several thousands years ago
Language branch
A follower of a polytheistic
religion in ancient times
Belief that objects, such as plants
and stones, or natural events, have a
discrete spirit and conscious life
Another name for slash-and-burn
Shifting cultivation
A flooded field for growing rice
A market center for the exchange of
services by people attracted from
the surrounding area
Central place
The maximum distance people are
willing to travel to use a service
In the U.S., a central city of at least
50,000 population, the county
within which the city is located, and
the adjacent counties
Metropolitan statistical area (MSA)
A model of the internal structure of
cities in which social groups are
spatially arranged in a series of rings
Burgess Concentric zones model
The level of development that can
be maintained in a country without
depleting resources to the extent
that future generations will be
unable to achieve a comparable
level of development
Sustainable development
Fuel that derives from plant
material and animal waste
Biomass fuel
The sustainable use and
management of a natural resource
through consuming it at a less rapid
rate than it can be replaced
A resource that has a theoretically
unlimited supply and is not depleted
when used by humans
Renewable energy
Commercial agriculture
characterized by the integration of
different steps in the foodprocessing industry, usually through
ownership by large corporations
Harvesting twice a year from the
same field
Double cropping
A journey to a place considered
sacred for religious purposes
A religion that does not have a
central authority but shares ideas
and cooperates informally
Autonomous religion
Dialect spoken by some African
A boundary that separates
regions in which different
language usages predominate
When the first Industrial
Revolution happened in Britain
Late 1700s
When the first Agricultural
Revolution happened
Over 10,000 years ago (earliest crop
When the Green Revolution
A country that is at a relatively early
stage in the process of economic
Eight international development
goals that all members of the UN
have agreed to achieve by 2015
Millennium Development Goals
1.eradicate extreme poverty and hunger,
2. achieve universal primary education,
3. Promote gender equality/empower women
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc.
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Global partnership for development
Most countries have achieved
relatively high levels of development
are located above 30 degrees north
Wallerstein’s Core-Periphery Model
Western Europe’s most important
and most centrally located industrial
area that produces iron and steel
manufacturing because of its
proximity to large coalfields
Rhine-Ruhr Valley
The leading industrial area in the
U.S. outside of the northeast when
they have the largest clothing and
textile production, 2nd largest
furniture production and major
food-processing center
Southern California
Name the countries who currently
still hold these colonies:
1. Greenland
2. Easter Island
3. Puerto Rico
4. Cayman Islands
5.Hong Kong
2. Chile
3. U.S.
4. U.K.
5. China
Where the Green Line Border
Israel and the West Bank and Gaza