US involement in War

America moves towards war
•As global conflict escalates, US remains neutral
•1939, FDR changes Neutrality Act to “cash and carry”
•Sept 1940, Japan, Italy, Germany enter into military
•US increases aid to Allies, revives draft, and increases
defense spending
•1940 election, FDR breaks 2 term tradition and wins
•1941, “cash and carry” is replaced by Lend Lease Act
•June 1941, Germany invades USSR with 3 million
troops, Hitler predicts victory in 6 weeks
•US extends Lend Lease Act to USSR
• German Wolfpacks begin to patrol the North
Atlantic, US ships are easy targets
• June 1941, US warships escort merchant ships to
Iceland and shoot in self defense
• By Fall 1941, FDR changes orders to shoot on
• August 1941, FDR and Churchill secretly meet off
coast of Canada and agree to Atlantic Charter
• Allied Powers formed to fight the Axis Powers
• By mid 1941, Japan controls much of Pacific and Asia
• Japan seizes Indo-China, US cuts off trade. Japan
attempts to “diplomatically” solve problem
• Without US oil and steel, Japan’s only choice was war
with US
• December 7, 1941 Japanese attacks US Naval and
Air Station at Pearl Harbor with over 300 planes from
6 carriers
• US caught by surprise, suffers heavy losses. Over
2500 killed, over 1200 wounded, 18 warships sunk or
damaged, and over 350 planes destroyed
• Knew attack was coming, just not when and where
• December 8, 1941 US declares war on Japan.
December 11 Italy and Germany declare war on US
Pearl Harbor speech 4:49