Chapter 18 -

Chapter 18
Key Terms
1. Treaty of Fort Laramie
2. Dawes Severalty Act
3. Caminetti Act
4. Edmunds Act
5. Edmunds-Tucker Act
6. National Reclamation Act
7. Omaha Act of 1882
8. Buffalo Bill
9. Sioux Indians
10. Mormons
11. Wounded Knee
12. Battle of Little Big Horn
Guided Reading
1. Describe the ways at least three in which the federal government enabled the
West to be settled and developed.
2. What role did railroads play in western development? Why were westerners
so angry at railroads by the end of the nineteenth century?
3. Discuss why Indians were unable to successfully resist white incursion.
4. Describe how the mining industry developed in the United States?
5. What place did the West hold in the national imagination? In what ways was
the West romanticized in American culture?
6. Reformers considered the Dawes Severalty Act to be humanitarian gesture.
Why did it turn out to be so terrible for the Indians?