Human Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology
Westwood High School
in association with
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
About me….
Instructor: Tracy Blondis
 School Phone: 480-472-5602
 Email: [email protected]
 Office Hours: Daily Tutor-In 7:50 – 8:16 am
Lunch Time (Room 33)
After School by Appointment
Required Textbook
Human Anatomy & Physiology by Marieb,
Sixth Edition (provided)
No Lab book – directions will be provided
Any Anatomy resource you can find!!
Course Description
Study of structure and
function of the human body.
Dual Enrollment
This class is offered as dual enrollment
through Chandler-Gilbert Community
 BIO201 (Fall) and BIO202 (Spring)
 8 college credits
 Second year college level class.
Course Competencies
The Maricopa Community College District
provides course competencies for all
classes taught.
 These minimal competencies insure a
complete educational experience
comparable to any four-year university
 See syllabus for specific competencies
You have to be here to learn! Mastering a
science is difficult when lecture and labs are not
experienced first hand.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to
gather handouts missed or schedule any makeup work.
Missed Exam
Do NOT miss an exam day!
 If absent, a written explanation from a
parent is required to verify the reason for
your absence. A phone number is also
needed so I can call home to validate your
 Be prepared all the time!
Grading Policy
A 100 – 90 %
B 89 – 80 %
C 79 – 70 %
D 69 – 60 %
F ≤59 %
Lecture Exams ………. 40 %
Final Exam……………..10 %
Quizzes ………………...10 %
Assignments ………….. 20 %
Lab Practicals ………… 20 %
Academic Dishonesty
No one likes a cheater
Cell Phones
If you like your cell phone, keep it out
of sight! The use of cell phones will
result in losing it for the day.
Cell phones are a major distraction
and their use disrespectful if done at
inappropriate times. Wait until the bell.
Cell phones out during a quiz or exam
will result in a ZERO. I will assume
Human and Animal Materials
This course focuses on
anatomy and physiology
of the human body…. the
use of human and animal
materials facilitates the
learning experience.
We will have an opportunity to observe
cadaver dissection demonstrations.
This will occur at the end of the year when we
will be able to apply all of the information
we’ve learned so far.
The field trip is not required but recommended
as it is a great learning experience.
Learning Center
There are free tutors
available at the
Community College.
Great opportunity but a
long distance away.
My Expectations …
You will be on time.
 You will be prepared for the day.
 You will be highly motivated to learn.
 You will actively engage in your learning.
When you participate, everyone benefits.
 You will respect me and one another.
 You will use lab time wisely; no playing.
Your Expectations of Me …
I will do the best I can to prepare a
meaningful lesson each day.
 I will be clear in my teaching.
 I will be fair and free of any bias.
 I will be available outside of class when
you need additional help.
 I will make you love science as much as I
do! You will be my “Mini-Me” when done.