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Edelstone Lab & Computing
An Nguyen
An Nguyen
Dewan Frazier
An Nguyen
Dewan Frazier
William F. Rall
Office is located by blue lockers
Our hours are 9 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Contact Info:
[email protected]
What we do
AV & Lecture Capture in Classrooms
Edelstone and classroom facilities
Computer Based Testing
Student computing support
Computer lab
Departmental computer support
Other duties as assigned
Our Services for Students
Assistance with computers, printers, scanner, and software in student lab
Help you set up wireless access for campus
Assistance and troubleshooting for personal computers (virus, spyware)
Advice on computer hardware or software purchases
File recovery when possible
Back Up Your Data!
Everyone loses data
Questions of WHEN not IF
Use an external drive, burn to DVD, save to UIC web disk or Google Docs, etc
Otherwise, this will be you:
This guy took sample sounds from a dying hard drive and built a song
around it for a contest run by Gizmodo. He didn't win, but I prefer this
one to the winning song.
Physical plant issues
Lost and Found
OSA main desk
Student Center West
Wear Layers
Not so accurate
Do not prop
Physical plant issues
Food and Drink
Physical plant issues
Food and Drink
Unwanted visitors
Wireless computing at UIC
Much of our building and campus has wireless access
Can print to campus printers
Requires some configuration/set up
For more info:
You can do it yourself but see us if you have issues
COM Student Computer Lab
25 PCs and 6 Macs
5 Printers
Four fast black & white
HP laser printers
One color printer
COM Student Computer Lab
Variety of standard software
MS Office, Photoshop, statistical, etc
Scanner/Copier by blue lockers
Free scanning to USB sticks
Printing: U-Print system
File, Print
Go to ANY print station on
Login to see list of all
documents you requested
to be printed
Select item to print
Have 12 hours before the
job is gone
Can print from wireless as well
Printing: U-Print system
Charges –
If you exceed your quota, add money to iCard using Dragon $
Printing: U-Print system
If you don’t use up your $15 quota, you lost it at the end of the semester.
It is NOT from your fees.
You get three $15 quota allocations per year: Fall, Spring and Summer.
It does not rollover.
Starts at the beginning of each semester on the first day of classes.
Bad print? Give us a cover sheet for a refund or we can send it through
again without charge.
Echo recordings
Echo recordings
Supplement not replacement
Primarily for review
You can subscribe to these
Faculty can opt out
Patient videos
Pre-publication research
Echo recordings
These lecture recordings are protected by state common law and federal
copyright law. You may not copy this material, provide copies to anyone, or
make any other use than personal review without prior permission from the
faculty member.
Blackboard –
Class materials available online
Blackboard –
Each course may be set up differently
Register for classes!
Some courses post test scores or final grades
Read syllabus; contact course director; lecture recordings will be linked here
May need MS Powerpoint or Acrobat Reader to read presentations
We have one for general College of Medicine use
Other Campus Computing Labs
Goldberg building (N.E. corner Taylor & Damen)
Student residence halls
Charge for wireless access in dorm
East side of campus (Main Library, SEL and other locations)
Same software as Edlestone Computer lab
Same U-Print system with same $15 quota
Provide central computer support to the UIC campus community
Network, wireless and internet connectivity
Blackboard, public labs, classrooms
Email, calender, accounts and passwords
Microsoft Office $FREE
Microsoft Windows Upgrade $FREE
Symantec Anti-Virus $FREE
Adobe products (Reduced cost)
Statistical software and more (prices vary)
Hardware & Software: Microstation
Dell and Apple computer
includes reduced priced laptop bundles
see an online price? Take to MicroStation
Some parts and accessories
DO NOT BUY Microsoft Software here
Located in the bookstore or at SCE
How to get started
Set up for UIC Wifi
Sign up for listerv
Configure laptop for campus printing
UIC email account on Mailserv
SPAM filters
Install Antivirus
Contact course directors as needed
Once you’ve settled in
Check out study spaces
Home Broadband – make sure you can access library resources off
Spybot, AdAware –
We are available for help
[email protected]
312.996.3636 – HelpDesk line
From the College of Medicine home page, click on Current Students, then
Edelstone Computer Center or go to
For this presentation, from the Edelstone Web page, click on Student
Orientation Slide Show