psych 1 plans 10-24 to 10-28-11

Monday, October 24th, 2011
EQ: Why are American children with bipolar
Activating Strategy:
-Absentees on Friday missed Vocab Quiz #2
to 25 points) (Dissociative/Somatoform/Mood
-New System for Absentees (Folders on windowsill, by
period with handout)
-If a nine year old child throws six, 10 to 15 minute
enraged temper tantrums per week, should the child be
labeled with bipolar disorder? Why or why not??
-What did we do with children before all these medical
advances in mental health occurred and the diagnosis of
depression, bipolar, ADHD, became so common??
-Why does the diagnosis of childhood bipolar take so
-Continue “Medicated Child” video clip
-At end of notesheet, write down three words,
adjectives, or phrases that would describe your reaction
to this PBS show.
-Assessment on “Medicated Child” video
Psych I, Thursday, October 21st, 2010
EQ: What are the symptoms, types and causes of schizophrenia?
Activating Strategy:
-At top of video note sheet, write down three words, adjectives, phrases that would
describe your reaction to what you saw on the PBS show, “The Medicated Child”?
-Solutions to medication dilemma of bipolar in children??
Assessment Prompt:
1) Using notesheet from yesterday’s video entitled “The Medicated Child”, answer the
following three questions in sentence form.
1) Using the textbook pp. 602-607, fill in the outline of schizophrenia highlighting the
symptoms, facts, causes, and types of the disorder
Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
EQ: What are the symptoms, causes and types of
Activating Strategy:
1) Absentees Mon. 10/24- “Medicated Child”
Assessment, watch part 3, 6, and 8 from
wikispace link
2) DISORDERS QUIZ #2 (Wednesday, October 26th)
(Dissociative Disorders, Somatoform Disorders,
Mood Disorders)
3) Review “Medicated Child”
*Why rapid increase in diagnosis of Bipolar??
*Potential Solutions to the overmedication of
children in the US??
4) Upcoming Units
Schizophrenia (movie) / Personality Disorders
(Serial Killer Webquest)
Schizophrenia FACTS
 This disorder typically develops in late adolescence
and early adulthood
 Two-thirds of schiz. Are full functioning citizens;
One-third are institutionalized
Outline from textbook plus online questions:
1) Quiz #2 on disorders (22 points)
2) Additions to Schizophrenia Outline
If this interests you check out
Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
EQ: What are the causes, symptoms and treatments for
Activating Strategy/NEWS:
1) Absentees- Get any handouts missed on
windowsill Monday thru Friday.
2) 1st Marking Period Grades will close Next Tue.
3) Schizophrenia computer work from yesterday
must be completed on own
4) Disorders Quiz #2 Review
(Treatments, Ex. Of SSRI’s, Drug Companies,
Symptoms etc.)
5)When finished with quiz circle the answers to
these questions to review the outline
OUTLINE REVIEW-Circle answers to these 6
A. ____ % of population has schizophrenia.
B. This symptom features beliefs and thoughts
which go against reality.
C. This symptom features hearing voices and
seeing animals and people that are not there.
D.This type of schizophrenia features emotional
issues and immobility.
E. Underline the four types of delusions.
F. Which neurotransmitter is affected by schiz.?.
G.Which part of brain is affected by schiz.?
H.List one psycho./environmental cause of
*Poverty of speech (talk to themselves, word salad)
*Disorganized Behavior (Bizarre behaviors, actions,
 Abnormal Brain- underdeveloped prefrontal
cortex/ thalamus
 Neurotransmitters- high dopamine production
3) Seven Year Old Schizophrenic Clips
*Two symptoms / Type of schizophrenia
4)Ticket out the door
____ of population has schizophrenia.
This symptom features beliefs and thoughts which go against reality.
This type of schizophrenia features emotional issues and immobility.
This type of schizophrenia features hallucinations and delusions.
When does schizophrenia typically develop in an individual?
____ of schizophrenia are normal functioning members of society.
What are two symptoms shown by Jani?
What type of schizophrenia does Jani have?.
This neurotransmitter is at high levels in a schizophrenia
Which part of brain is abnormal in a schizophrenic?
Thursday, October 27th, 201
EQ: How does the movie, “A Beautiful Mind” illustrate
the symptoms and treatments of schizophrenia?
-Yesterday’s Absentees missed a 23 point Disorders Quiz
Activating Strategy:
*8 question review of Schizophrenia ( ½ sheet of paper)
1. Which part of the brain is abnormal in a schizophrenic?
2. This neurotransmitter is at high levels in a
3. This symptom features false beliefs and thoughts that
go against reality.
4. This type of schizophrenia features believing that
people are out to get you.
5. ____of schizophrenics are normal functioning
members of society.
6.What type of delusion describes people being
controlled by outside forces?
7. When does schizophrenia typically develop and
become diagnosed?
8. Provide two examples of behaviors by Jani that
indicated something was amiss in her life.
“ A Beautiful Mind” Basic Plotline
*Movie is based upon a true story, the life of John Nash a
Nobel prize winner in economics. The movie accurately
portrays his symptoms of schizophrenia, his professional
life and his treatments. The main inaccuracy in the film is
the relationship with his wife, how it developed, ending
John Nash - played by Russell Crowe
Nash’s wife – played by Jennifer Connelly
- Movie begins with Nash as a grad student at
Princeton in the 1940’s
- Movie then jumps to MIT in the 1950’s where he is
a professor involved in espionage. Professor at
MIT/Emperor of Antarctica. Scanned NYT for encoded
messages from aliens, fiddled with radio to pick up
signals from space
-Movie then shows his paranoia, relationships, and
treatments in the 1960’s. Accuses his wife of locking him
away. His exhausted, depressed wife divorces him/
begins to take anti-psychotic drugs
- Movie then moves back to Princeton in 1970’s
when Nash returns as a professor
-Movie concludes in 1994 with Nash winning Nobel
Assessment: End of Movie
** Each student is required at the end of the movie in
class to complete the following assignments:
1) Outline a five paragraph essay on the symptoms
of schizophrenia
2) Create a 10 question fact based fill in blank quiz
on the movie.
3) Create three critical thinking essay questions that
require at least three responses based upon
schizophrenia and the movie.
Friday, October 28th, 2011
EQ: How does the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, portray the
symptoms and treatments of schizophrenia?
Activating Strategy:
1) End of First Marking Period Graded Work Due
Wed. 11/2
2) Plotline so far
-Movie starts at Princeton in late 1940’s
- John’s roommate; Charles Herman
- Trying to get a theory published
- Competitive with his fellow students
- Socially inept in bar. Awkwardness in dealing
with people
1) View part II of “A Beautiful Mind”
Basic Movie Plotline + Characters
Plot Questions You Need to Be Able to Answer:
1. John Nash is a graduate student at _____________University.
2. Nash is a recipient of the prestigious Carnegie Prize for____________(subject)
3. John has a roommate named_______________.
4. John's experience at the university inspires his fruitful work in the concept of______________
a theory in mathematical economics.
5. After the conclusion of Nash's studies , he accepts a prestigious appointment at
the__________________________where he meets his future wife.
6. Nash is invited to the _______________ facility to crack a complex encryption of an enemy
7. Nash suffers from what type of disorder?___________________________
8. He is forcibly sedated and sent to a ___________________.
9. Nash is released on the condition that he agrees to take____________ medication.
10. He is honored by his fellow professors for his achievement in mathematics, and goes on to
win the ____________in economics for his revolutionary work on ______________.
Treatments of Schizophrenia