SUBJECT (Week 5) 2 nd Sem Date: 8

SUBJECT (Week 5) 2nd Sem
Date: 8 - 12 February 2016
Room 45 – W. Martin
MATH 6A – PER 2 & 5
B-Read Math Triumphs
Math Intervention
Period 3
Use your flash cards to test your
partner on Academic Vocabulary being
used in this math lesson. Make the
Story Problem organizer and highlight
a problem to share with the class.
Use flash cards to test your partner on
Academic Vocabulary that you are
presently using in this Health lesson.
Make flash cards that show the
academic vocabulary in this lesson.
Make sure you have the word on
one side and the definition on the
other side of the card.
SWBAT compute the Stem-and-leaf
plots, Bar Graphs and Histograms
using academic vocabulary: Stem-andleaf plot, bar graph, histogram, and
SWBAT understand how to monitor their
Nutrition and Physical Activity using
academic vocabulary: calcium, fat, grains,
minerals, nutrients, sweets, vegetable, and
Students will understand how to
identify and represent on a number
line decimals using the academic
vocabulary: decimal, compare, and
By the end of the week, students will
be able to understand how additional
data added to data sets may affect
these computations.
By the end of the week, students will know
how to examine the nutrition requirements
of teens, explain the Food Guide Pyramid,
discuss the influences of good food choices,
examine their personal physical activity,
and design a personal fitness plan.
By the end of the week, students
will know how to compare and
order positive and negative
decimals and place them on a
number line.
How can additional data influence the
outcome of your plot or graph?
Why is it important to maintain good
nutrition and physical fitness?
Why is it important to be able to
compare and order decimals?
Do Problems 1 to 35, page 412 to 414.
Do problems 1 to 15, page 418 to 419.
Do CPM Section 6.1.3 and 6.1.4
Do Chapter 5, lesson 1-5 and copy answers
and questions.
Do Chapter 5 workbook, pages 28 to 35..
Make foldable on page 115 and
write/define academic vocabulary on it.
Complete Lesson 4-4, Compare and
Order Fractions and Decimals,
problems 1 to 28, pages 83 to 87.
Copy the academic words and
define them on a card and test your
partner each day.
Your test will be will be the MidChapter Quiz on page 423.
Your test will be Chapter 5 Assessment,
questions 1 – 22 on page 146.
Your test will be Chapter 4 Progress
Check 2, problems 1 to 10, page 88.
I do report cards on 10 Feb 2016.
Extra credit: Perform the 5th scenario from
the Health video tape with other students.
I do report cards on 10 Feb 2016.