Matter: Lesson #1

Turn to page #5 in your worktext.
1) Answer Question #1 (all parts of question)
2) Answer Question #2
The one on the left is a golf ball and the one on the
right is a table tennis (ping pong) ball. The table tennis ball
is orange in my book.
On the “My Notes” section of your packet (after page 17)
write the Essential Question for this lesson at the top.
EQ: How does the composition of matter affect its
density, volume , and mass?
3) Lets look at Question #3
4) What is Matter? Page 6
Answer #5 and #6 on page 6 with your partner.
What is mass??
How does mass differ from weight??
Page #7 Question #7- Work with your table group to
come up with a really good answer . Each person
should write the answer in the space provided.
Page 8
Visualize It- What is your answer to the question? Be
sure to explain as clearly as you can!!!!
Quick Lab-Mass and Weight
You are going to be working with your table groups to
measure the mass and weight of 5 small objects.
Under the Procedure Section on page 2, copy the list of
objects for #1 and #2 in this order, one on each line.
-Water Bottle
Demonstration on the use of Triple Beam Balance and
Spring Scale.
You will use the Triple Beam Balance to measure the
mass of the object and record your measurement for #1
for all the objects.
You will use the spring scale to measure the weight of
the objects and record your measurement for #2 for all
the objects.
Lab Rules:
1) Your group will measure the mass and the weight for
each object just like Mr. Fisher did in his
2) Each person will be required to use the Triple Beam
Balance and the Spring Scale to make the
3) Make sure that you record the measurement for
each object on the correct line.
When you are done using the Triple Beam Balance,
return the countermeasures back to the ZERO
Reporting your findings-follow the directions for part
on your lab sheet.
With the person sitting next to you, answer the
questions for #3&#4.
Lab Sheet Answers #3&#4
#3- The graph is linear. This means as the mass of the
objects increase, so does the weight.
#4- The force of the spring scale pulling upward.
Assessment –
Describe the difference between mass and
weight. Use an example (battery, bolt,
board, bottle, or wrench) from the Quick
Lab to provide details in your answer.
Measuring Space
Page 9 in Worktext
Page 10- Three ways to measure volume
1) Use a formula to find the volume of a welldefined shape. (V=lwh) – to find volume of
a rectangle
2) Use water displacement to find the
volume of irregular shaped objects like a
3) For liquids, you can use a graduated
Homework- Page 11
What method would you use????
Quick Lab – Finding Volume by Displacement
We are going to use a bolt (an irregular shaped
object)as our solid metal object.
Predict what you think the volume of the bolt will be!!
Write 50 mL as the starting measurement in the
graduated cylinder.
Write _______ for the measurement once the bolt in
placed in the graduated cylinder.
With a partner, complete questions #4 and #5.
You have three minutes.
DO NOW 10-2 14
With the person sitting next to you, describe how you
would measure the volume of:
1) A regular shaped object (Box)
2) An irregular shaped object (Bolt)
Be prepared to discuss as a class!!
Packing It In :Pages 13-15
DO NOW 10-6-14
Please have your homework out
and ready to be checked.
Lesson #1- Visual Summary : Page 16
#17- False- what is this a definition for?
That’s correct- It is Volume
#18- False- Which is greater?
That’s correct- Mass is greater
#19- True- why is it expressed in units of cm cube?
#20- True- What happens to an object that is
more dense?
Lesson #1 Review- Page 17
1) Volume
2) Matter
3) Mass
4) Density
5) Weight
6) Yes, Because air has mass and it takes up space.
7) Yes, mass is constant or does not change. The weight
of an object depends on gravitational force.
8) A ball is denser than the table tennis ball. It has more
mass in a similar volume.
200 𝑐𝑚3
9) D=
10) Mass =273g
The substance is silver!!!!!
13) First find the volume of the truck bed.
Remember V=lwh
V= 2.5m x 1.5m 1.0m= 3.75cm3
7m3/3.75 cm3=1.866
The truck must make 2 Trips