Chapter 1 PowerPoint Question Answers

William Astin
Shin Liu
Chapter 1 PowerPoint Solutions
1. Explain the parts of an information system. What part do people play in this system?
-The Internet
2. What is system software? What kinds of programs are included in system software?
-Its enables application software to interact with computer hardware.
Provides an interface so computer users can interact with application programs
Background software helps manage resources: Collection of programs, Operating System,
Utilities, and Device Drivers.
3. Define and compare general-purpose applications, specialized, applications and apps. Describe
some different types of general-purpose applications. Describe some types of specialized
-Both software’s convert raw data into information that can run on different types of software.
An application are software’s that are for general purpose, like apps, games, or even video. The
specializes applications are used to help maintain and manage the computers run smooth; like
an antivirus program, to clean and organize files, or devices manager, which helps detect and
enable devices to run on the computer (USB, CD’s, DVD’s’ Blu-ray, etc.).
4. Describe the different types of computers. What is the most common type? What are the types
of personal computers?
-There are four different types of computers; the Personal computers, Midrange computers
(severs), Mainframe computers, and a Supercomputers. The most common type is the Personal
computers. There is a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet PC, and Handhelds.
5. What is connectivity? What are wireless devices and the wireless revolution? What is a
computer network? What are the Internet and the Web? What is cloud computing?
-Connectivity is when a user’s connects to an internet and is sharing information through a
mobile or wireless devise. It can also be cloud computing. Wireless devices could be like a Tablet
PC, Laptop, Or a Handheld device; while the wireless revolution could use the internet itself to
open personal files from other wireless devices that connect to the internet. A computer
network is when a desktop is connected to the internet successfully. The internet is when a
user’s runs a software that requires internet connectivity; and the web is a browser that that
look information up. Cloud computing is when the user’s works on files like offices, but is able to
access the file on other devices.