Blackboard …
As a Parent I know you are changing the mindset
Technology is a great thing …
and a little scary!
• Success is a process
• As a parent I need to be better educated
about the benefits of Blackboard
• Working with Rachel has been an education
Educators need to persevere
• I was asked to give you my
take on Perseverance
• In today’s world, you are
the one’s who persevere
more than most
• Meeting the challenges of
the day gets harder all the
The Value of Perseverance
The traits required to break my record:
1. The right approach
2. Strong will to succeed
3. Passion
4. Love to compete
5. Consistency
6. Conviction
7. Strength
8. Life management
1. The Right Approach
• Honest and pure
• Meet the challenges
of the day
2. Strong Will to Succeed
• Genetic or learned?
• Internal drive
• Fire within/desire
3. Passion
• Love what you do
• Dad’s perspective
• Carries you through…
makes it worthwhile
4. Love to Compete
• Competitive challenges…internal and
• Competing fairly and with honor
5. Consistency
• Adjust and re-adjust
• Ability to perform everyday
• Solve problems and find solutions quickly
• Makes you irreplaceable
6. Conviction
• Thick skin
• Stubborn
• Seeing things through
until the end
7. Strength
• Physically
• Mentally
– Focus
– Preparation
8. Life Management
• Achieving balance
– Personal
 Family
– Professional
 Managers
 Teammates
 Media
“Far better it is to dare mighty things,
to win glorious triumphs even though
checkered by failure, than to rank with
those poor spirits who neither enjoy
much nor suffer much because they live
in the gray twilight that knows neither
victory nor defeat.”
Theodore Roosevelt