Tools of the Digital Revolution.

Do you want a piece of the
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Personal Economic
Find someone to
take care of you.
Work as hard as you
can THEN
find someone to
take care of you.
Live off the cash,
build a business,
Sell it!
Invest… Live off of
the residual.
For years the work-fromhome experts say that you should
look for the following when
searching for an opportunity….
Look for a massive and
expanding market!
Portio Research (March 2013)
estimates: 1.2 billion people
worldwide were using mobile apps
at the end of 2012. This is forecast
to grow at a 29.8 percent each year,
to reach 4.4 billion users by the end
of 2017.
There are 6.8 billion mobile
subscriptions worldwide, according
to the ITU (February 2013) – that
means approximately 17 percent of
mobile subscribers use apps.
With over 1 billion Facebook users,
500 million Twitter users and 10.4
million Pinterest users Social
media is here to stay. It is not a fad
- it is the new way for people to
connect and share.
There are hundreds of millions of
people that have made the shift to
mobile phones as their primary
means of communication and
connection, and as a result, there
are 20 million small businesses
rushing to shift to mobile
If fact 93% of the 20 million small
business have NO mobile marketing
strategy to rise above the noise and
clutter created today by today’s internet
communication. These 93 out of 100
businesses don’t have a plan and they
can’t afford the plan that they need to
Look for a consumable
product or service.
• Our company offers services paid
monthly by small businesses and
consumers which create a long-term
income stream for our resellers.
• Sell one time - get paid for a
• Your income grows residually every
single month.
There Are 7.1 Billion People In The
With 5 Billion Active Mobile
It’s Easy To See
That Mobile Is
The Future Of
Marketing And Those
Businesses Who
Know How To
Leverage It Will Profit
Custom Business Mobile Apps
36+ Features Including
•GPS Coupons and GPS Directions
•Push Notifications
•Fan Wall
•Event Listings
•Video Integration
•Mass Social Integration
…….and much more!
smallWorld apps
•You create the world and you only
share access to your world with
those relevant to it.
•Friends may actually BE friends!
•Allows a private environment
•Fosters personal relationships with
emphasis on human connection!
•Best Friends
•Sports Teams
•Alumni Groups
•Fitness Groups
•Organizations, Clubs
•Network Marketing teams
smallWorld apps
Look for a unique or
differentiated product!
Our product is a Mobile App
Platform for Businesses and
Consumers which integrates a
private social network like
Facebook without the privacy
violation and predatory issues in an
“ad-free” environment.
Look for a company
with proven leadership!
With over 15 years of technical
leadership and nearly 10 years of
marketing history, our
company has a proven
platform, business model, and
established leadership.
Look for a duplicable
system that leverages
Our Mobile App Platform
leverages the viral nature of
the internet and mobile
technology so that our
message can take on a life of
its own.
Look for a structured
educational program!
You will learn our proven system of
sharing the opportunity with multiple
networks through text messages and
social networking. In addition, we’ll
teach you the leadership and personal
development training to build a
massive team and sales force.
Look for the ability to
create your
own personal brand!
Unlike other companies that
suggest that you "position yourself
as an expert,” we actually make you
a real expert. Our process and
approach is transferable to any
You'll not only make money
offering our app platform to small
businesses and consumers, but
you'll also have endless
opportunities to market yourself
and your own skills to earn
additional income.
The Business Model
Sales Agents (no sign-up fees)
No territories, no quotas, no fees
Express Apps - Sale Price $595.00 - Your commission $125.00
ourWORLD apps - Sale Price $99.00 - Your commission $25.00
Upfront commission, no monthly residual, bonuses or pools
Sales Agents
No territories, no quotas, no fees
They receive commissions on
Express Apps and ourWORLD apps
You build a team of sales agents
Receive overrides, volume, residuals, bonus pools, viral growth
Example of the viral growth of ourWORLD Family apps
• Get 10 resellers
• Each gets 10 sales agents = 100 points of sale
• Each agent sells 10 family apps = 1000 sales
Now consider…
• You have 1000 family apps @ 10 members per family
= 10,000 free members
• Image having a team of 10 resellers doing the same
• That would create 100,000 free members
• And they’re all part of many other groups who might
want ourWORLD apps
• They will be exposed to all the consumer apps we’re
How would THAT translate into income for you?
Reseller’s Investment
Sign up $100.00
What you get with your investment
Office Pro 15,000 Contacts, 50GB Storage, 100GB
Internet marketing in a box! 80% of the most proven approaches to
internet marketing built into a single easy-to-use system accessible
via the web anywhere in the world.
Resellers Investment
Sign up $100.00
Easily Create and Manage Contact Lists
Create or Upload Your Own HTML Templates
Lead Capture Form Creation
Robust Analytics
Email Campaigns
Automated Triggers
CRM Type Notations
Online Pages/Squeeze Pages/Landing Pages
Resellers Investment
Sign up $100.00
Web-Based Sharing
Hundreds of Pre-Configured Templates
Industry-Leading Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
Campaign Scheduler
No Duplicate Emails Ever
Document Storage
Audio and Video Integration
Resellers Investment
Sign up $100.00
Back office to Track Commission and Enrollments
Personal Development Training
Leadership Training
Internet Branding Training
Internet Marketing Training
Internet Sales Training
Internet Video Training
Email Marketing Training
SEO Training
Resellers Investment
Sign up $100.00
 Text Message Marketing Training
 Team Building Training
 Mobile App Sales and Marketing Training
Resellers Sign Up $100.00 $100.00/mo
Compensation for Resellers
Now More Than Ever You Have Control Over Your Financial
Create serious residual income
Upfront Bonuses
Monthly Residuals
Bonus Pools
Coded Bonuses/Overrides
Sales Agents’ sales – coded bonuses, residuals, bonus pools
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