Internet Scavenger hunt #1!


The average black pig can live up to 12 to 19 years old the difference of a black pig and a pink pig is that black pigs are smaller pink pigs are bigger pink pigs can live up to 20 years to 29 years...

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Dragonfly can fly up to 50-60 miles per hour!!!!

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A young beaver is called a pup, kit or kitten Read more: aver_called#ixzz1bERFrC6z

 Chameleons can move their eyes independently of each other.

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 They have a tube like shape to them, rather then round, giving them a pretty large cornea that makes possible more light to enter the eye. The tube-like shape also gives a comparatively large retina...

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 A polecat is a member of the weasel family which is distinguished by the remarkably unpleasant-smelling secretion it is capable of producing for the purpose of marking territory .

 During its entire life a honey bee worker makes about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.

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 I saw on the Discovery Chanel that alligators and crocs never get sick. The adapted a gene over the millions of years the were on Earth that makes them immune to almost all sicknesses.

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 The Death's Head cockroach can live for one week without its head. This species of cockroach has six brains throughout its body, therefore, it can still fully function after its head is removed. However, without a mouth, it can not gain the food and water it needs for a long and healthy life, and will eventually dehydrate and starve to death. Read more: urvive_without_its_head_and_specifically_where_is_this_do cumented#ixzz1bKO0TEdM

 Four hundred and ninety six eyelids on each eye.

 All clams, I do believe, start out as males and half of them turn into female or become both in there life spam.

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