Partners Meeting Presentation

May 26, 2015
Northgate Community Center
Safe Harbors Quarterly
Partner’s Meeting
Agenda Review
 Welcome & Introductions
 Announcements
 HMIS Vendor RFQQ
 HMIS Update on Youth Under 13 Bill
 2014 HMIS Data Standards
 Break Out Groups
 Video
 Prize & Adjourn
 New Safe Harbors Team Members
 David Wong
 Bryan Davis
HMIS Vendor RFQQ Timeline
& Process
 RFQQ Released – December 2014 – January
 5 vendors submitted their proposals to
Commerce by January 30, 2015. Vendors
 Adsystech
 Bitfocus
 Bowman Systems
 Case Worthy
 Client Track
HMIS Vendor RFQQ Timeline
& Process
 Commerce formed a Vendor Selection
Committee from across the state HMIS
 King County Continuum Representatives
 Patrice Frank, Ali Peters – Safe Harbors
 Linda Greenway, Jon Hoskins, Diep Nguyen – King
 Vincent Taylor - CCS
HMIS Vendor RFQQ Timeline
& Process
 Stage 1, vendors were evaluated by the
Vendor Selection Committee based upon
scoring criteria developed during
requirements gathering.
 All 5 vendors have passed Stage 1.
HMIS Vendor RFQQ Timeline
& Process
 Stage 2 took place between March 31st and
April 29th and involved:
 System Demos
 Hands-on demonstrations
 Questions & Answers
 Reference Checking is currently underway
HMIS Vendor RFQQ Timeline
& Process
 Next Steps
 Reference Checks and Site Visits – May - June
 User Group Testing of top vendors – June
 Vendor Selection – June / July
 Contract Negotiations – July – December
 January 2016 – New Contract in place
 March 2016 – Old contract expires and will be extended
to allow for data migration and future “Go Live” date
 If new system, “Go Live” will be planned for sometime in
HMIS Vendor RFQQ Timeline
& Process
HMIS Update on Youth
Under 13 Bill
 The provision is still in the budget bill to allow youth
under 13 to sign written consent forms. No word yet on
when that will pass through the process. There is a lot
of confusion regarding youth consent in the
communities right now due to recent communication
from HUD and from advocates regarding the
Runaway Homeless Youth Act. HHA is expected to
release clarifying information for everyone regarding
the expectations for gathering PII in HMIS for RHY.
Remember, WA state still has written consent laws that
need to be followed. It is important to take that into
account with every reading of notices from federal
2014 HMIS Data Standards
 Collaborative effort between HUD, HHS, & VA
 Data Standards went into effect on October 1st
 See the Safe Harbors Website for the following
 Data Collection Requirements
 Intake and Exit Forms
 Revised Training Classes
 Safe Harbors website –
 General Information Available on
2014 HMIS Data Standards
 Challenges and Agency Impacts
 Data Import & Export
 Front-end system upgrade
 System Shut-down period
 New Intake/Exit Forms
 Reporting Redesigns
 Pending and Upcoming
 Data Integration – Export
 Project Type Code
2014 HMIS Data Standards
 Small Group Questions:
 How was the Data Standards implementation
experience for your agency?
 Are there suggestions for a smoother Data
Standards implementation?
HMIS Data Standards Video
HMIS Data Standards Video
Questions & Answers
Raffle & Prize