Lesson 10: Word Problems with Decimals PwrPt

Daily Dose
1. Divide: 330 ÷ 2.5
1. Subtract: 14 – 2.38
1. Multiply: 0.3 x 0.09
Look at the work stations around the room for the titles: adding, subtracting,
multiplying, and dividing. Think of some key words or symbols used in real
situations that tell you to use that operation. Think of one key word for each
operation. Then raise your hand and get permission to write those
words/symbols under the correct operation. Do not write something that has
already been used.
* My goal is to analyze word problems,
determine what operation is needed, and
to then solve the problem.
Steps for Solving Word Problems:
Underline the key word(s) that indicate which operation to use: + - x ÷
Work out the problem. Show ALL work. Make sure it is neat and easy to
Always, always, ALWAYS ask the question “Does my answer make sense?”
after solving a problem!!! You can catch mistakes by asking this simple
Word problems get word answers! (Write a sentence answering the question
that was asked in the problem)
1. One beautiful day, Jason decides to ride his bike around the city. He rode 1.75 miles to the store,
then rode 5.2 miles to a friend’s house. How many miles did he travel all together?
2. Makayla spent $6.80 for a movie ticket on Saturday morning. Elizabeth spent $9 for a movie ticket
on Saturday night. How much more money did Elizabeth spend than Makayla?
3. Each of Molly’s posters needs 4.25 yards of border to put around the edges. If she has 44.2 yards of
border, how many posters can she complete with it?
4. Caitlin read for 1.4 hours on Saturday and 2.39 hours on Sunday. How many total hours did she read
over the weekend?
5. Abbie buys 0.4 a pound of Granny Smith apples on sale for $0.55 a pound. What is her bill?
6. Dylan bought himself a snack at the store for $2.14. If he hands the cashier $5, how much change
should he get in return?
7. Mrs. Whitticker has three grandchildren. She takes them to lunch where she spends $25.65 total.
How much does she spend, on average, for each of her grandchildren?
8. Tom has 6.89 inches of string. If he cuts off a piece of string that is 4.99 inches long to use on a
project, how much string will he have left?
a. 1.09 inches
b. 1.9 inches
c. 2.09 inches
d. 2.9 inches
e. 11.88 inches
Daily Dose
Sit with a partner and check over your
HOMEWORK. (Make sure you have a
sentence for each story problem.)
Do not work with someone if the
homework was not fully completed.
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