Maintenance Sheet 20 NAME

Maintenance Sheet 20
NAME: _____________________
1. Winston has always made below 90 on Math
tests. Write an inequality AND a line graph to show
2. A rectangle has a base of 8.4 inches and a height
of 4.75 inches. What is its area?
3. A square has sides that are 3 ¼ inches long.
What is the area of this square?
4. On a rainy Saturday Rachel read 252 pages of a
great book during a 6 hour period. How many
pages did she read per hour?
A triangle has a base of 24 cm. and height of
8 ½ cm. What is its area?
6. 36 out of 90 pitches in an SMS baseball game
were called balls by the umpire. Express this as a
simplified fraction, decimal number, and percent.
7. A cube has edges that are all 5 in. long. What is
the total surface area of the cube (all 6 faces!)
8. 45% of a total of 60 students made an “A” grade
on a recent test. How many students made an “A”?
9. Penny had a pencil that was 22 cm. long. How
long is that in meters?
10. Use the distributive property and then combine
like terms: 2t + t +3(t + 6) + 12 + t
Homework is DUE on Friday…….ALL WORK MUST be shown to receive credit !!
**Use scratch paper (or back) to show all work. Show answers on this page **