Unit 4: Food / Health

Your assignments are listed below. Make sure to make any comments and write your grade when you receive them. Keep this paper in your folder during the unit.


Write a letter to a friend in a Foreign country

(Spain/France). Tell him/her about your favorite food.

Flash cards in target language fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, other food

Flash card with verbs used in the unit such as eat, drink, buy, cut, prepare, cook, clean, etc

Research and reading of the calories needed daily for teenagers.

Dialogue about your likes and dislikes about food, mentioned if you have a specific diet.

Poster eating disorders anorexia, bulimia, etc.

Offer solutions to the problems.

Write in your journal a list of the activities that you will do to keep a healthy diet, in target language.

Grade Comments

Dialogue order in a restaurant use polite expressions such as thank you, please, you’re welcome, may I, etc.

Prepare a dish to share in class. Follow the recipe and ask a family member for help.

Unit video: create a video promoting healthy

Food and healthy habits. Use vocabulary learned through the unit.