Culture, Ethnicity, and Race

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Culturally competent health care is defined as health care services that are respectful of
and responsive to the cultural and linguistic needs of the patient. In your own words, what
does this tell you that YOU need to do in your chosen health career?
The National Standards for Culturally Appropriate Health Care require that patients receive
care that is compatible with their cultural health beliefs. Can you think of an example
when this might be a challenge?
Imagine you are a health care professional and have been assigned to care for someone
who used to bully you as a child. You still have strong, negative feelings about this
person. What would you do?
You are caring for a patient of the Hindu faith. The patient tells you that her diagnosis of
breast cancer is punishment for her sins and that she believes in faith healing. How would
you respond?
Is it fair to say that our culture, religion, and the environment in which we are raised
contribute to our belief in our bodies and our health? If so, how does that impact the
decisions we make about our health care as adults?
In our study of cultural diversity in health care, what do you hope to learn?
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There are three important terms that we use in understanding cultural diversity. Those terms
are culture, ethnicity, and race. Using chapter 6 in Health Science Career Exploration, study the
information about these terms and then, using your own words and understanding, fill in the
chart below.
How are they alike?
How are they different?
How do you prefer to describe your own culture, ethnicity and race?
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