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Mission Statement
North Central Electrical League
NCEL Mission…
“For the overall advancement
of the interests of the
North Central Electrical League
members serving
the electrical industry in
Minnesota, North Dakota,
South Dakota and Wisconsin”
NCEL is the chamber of
commerce of the
Upper Midwest Electrical
Industry since 1936!
North Central Electrical League
North Central Electrical League ~ Corporate & Individual Memberships
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NCEL Membership is diverse, covering all industry sectors.
Through affiliate group activity, NCEL has the broadest base of
constituents serving our entire Upper Midwest Electrical Industry!
NCEL is many things … NCEL is YOU, an industry member!
Membership & Divisions
Serving the Entire Upper Midwest…
• Allied Trade & Association Division:
12 ~ Industry Trade Associations & Colleges/Technical Schools
• Utilities Division:
31 ~ Investor Owned Utilities, G&T, Cooperatives, and Municipals
• Contractors Division:
40 ~ Electrical Contractor Firms
• Distributor Division:
22 ~ Distributors and their 94 Branch Locations
• Engineer & Architect Division:
45 ~ Engineer & Architectural Firms
• Individual & Inspectors Division:
19 ~ Individuals & Inspectors
• Manufacturers Division:
99 ~ Direct Manufacturers & Representative Agent Firms
• Low Voltage Division:
4 ~ Low Voltage, Voice/Data Communication Entities
North Central Electrical League
Technical Training & Education
Technical Training/Education
Courses Recently Offered…
• Power Quality
• Basic Electricity
• Transformers I, II & III
• Basic Electricity 101
• NEC Articles 517 & 700
• Winter Freeze Protection Systems
• Lighting For Energy Management
• NEC Code Panel Discussion
• Structured Data Cable
• Trends In Lighting Technology
• Open Wiring Tray Cable Applications
• Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
• Transformers, Harmonics & You
• Power Limited License & Regulations
• Motors I & II
• NM Cable According to Code
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Medium Voltage Over 600 V
• Tax & Legal Requirements
• FireStopping 101
• Mineral Insulated Cables
• Safety Basics
• NEC OverCurrent Protection
• Arc Flash
• NEC Code & Technical Credits
• Low Voltage Installer Credits
• BICSi Credits
• Professional Development Hours
Our topics are suggested by our members and benefit our members
Our instructors are recognized leaders of our electrical industry
NCEL Training is certified by the Minnesota Dept. of Labor & Industry
North Central Electrical League
Peer Networking & Engagement
Peer Networking/Engagement
NCEL Events Foster Beneficial Relationships…
Each NCEL event allows for networking, before, during and
afterwards. NCEL offers over 75 events annually, including:
• Regular NCEL Education Essentials & Training Events
• Regular NCEL PluggedIN Young Professionals Networking Socials
• Biennial Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO
• Monthly Manufacturers Club Meetings
• Monthly Engineering Society Meetings
• Quarterly NCEL Business Breakfasts
• Annual NCEL Charity Shoot Out ~ Sporting Clays Classic
• Annual Electrical Charity Golf Classic & Social Events
With a variety of programming, everyone has an opportunity to get involved
The relationships you build and secure deliver bottom-line financial results
Where do you expand your network of industry peers?
North Central Electrical League
Student Development
Student Development
NCEL Fosters Ongoing Industry Development…
Industry growth and future workforce is addressed through
our Development Programs, including:
• NCEL Education Essentials & Engineering Society:
NCEL offers free admission students desiring to attend any training course.
• NCEL Scholarships ~ $429,000 since 1994:
NCEL awards a minimum of $24,000 annually in tuition assistance to members’
children for their undergraduate education pursuits in any major/discipline.
• NCEL Internships ~ $200,000 since 1994:
NCEL subsidizes interns with tuition for their education when arranging a summer
internship at a member company -- $15,000 in internships are awarded annually.
• EXPO Student Day:
NCEL offers regional colleges an opportunity to attend our EXPO.
North Central Electrical League
Resources & Product Knowledge
Industry Resources
Know Where & How to Use the Latest Products…
Members are updated on the latest advancements in
electrical products, services and applications.
Members acquire product knowledge via the following:
 Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO:
Largest & best electrical trade show in North America!
Technical Sessions • 341Exhibits • 439 Manufacturers
9,875 Industry Personnel attend our most recent event in 2012.
 Online Membership Directory & Product Resources:
A new feature to our website offers our members information
about others in our industry, products, personnel, locations, etc.
 Annual Printed Directory & Buyer’s Guide:
Our Directory & Buyer’s Guide is the most widely used electrical
industry publication in the Upper Midwest region.
North Central Electrical League
News & Information
News & Information
Dissemination Of Industry News Is Crucial…
NCEL utilizes the latest in technology to deliver
industry news and promote industry events.
Methods & mediums of information delivery include:
 “Currents” weekly email reminders.
 “Contacts” monthly newsletters packed with industry news.
 Regular electronic surveys identifying trends and concerns.
 Mailers and electronic reminders for all events.
 Website with online registration and payment portal for all events.
 Website downloads for anytime access to our vast programming.
You are kept up-to-date with industry news you can use!
North Central Electrical League
Affiliate Groups Under NCEL
Affiliates Managed By NCEL
North Central Electrical League
NCEL Board Leaders
NCEL Board of Directors
NCEL Board members consist of industry leaders from all
sectors of our membership and affiliate groups…
 Utilities:
Chuck Kimball, ALLETE-Minnesota Power;
Mark Helland, Otter Tail Power
Steve Foss, Xcel Energy Inc.
Rick Lancaster, Great River Energy
 Manufacturers:
Tony Blinkhorn, Rouzer Group; Mike McDermeit, Petersen-Finn Inc.; and Chuck Healy, Electrotech Inc.
 Contractors:
Julie Fuentes, Medina Electric; and Scot Moser, Gephart Electric Co.
 Distributors:
Marty Hedlund, Werner Electric; Shane Kerska, Border States; and Stacy Stanslaski, Viking Electric
 Engineers:
Ed Studniski, Gausman & Moore; and Dan Paulson, Paulson & Clark
Staff & Group Affiliates:
Dale Yohnke, North Central Electrical League
North Central Electrical League
NCEL Staff & Experience
NCEL Staff & Duties
NCEL Staff consists of people with wide-ranging skills
that serve our electrical industry and its’ members…
 Dale Yohnke: Executive Director & Secretary:
Dale has served NCEL members and our industry since February 1987.
Chief staff member and serves on NCEA, NCEMC and NCEL boards of directors.
Responsible for implementing the NCEL mission and directives of the NCEL Board of
Directors as well as all Affiliate Group Board of Directors. Responsible for overseeing and
assisting the NCEL staff with serving the needs of all NCEL members and affiliate organizations.
 Nikki Borgen: Manager – Membership Engagement:
Nikki has served NCEL members and our industry since July 2014.
Serves on the board of the North Central Electrical Engineering Society.
Manages the following: North Central Electrical Engineering Society, NCEL Education, Scholarship
and Internship Programs, Annual Directory & Buyer’s Guide, and EXPO’s Technical Sessions;
 Eryka Pluff: Coordinator – Member Benefits:
Eryka has served NCEL members and our industry since June 2015.
She helps coordinate the membership benefits package NCEL members utilize. She is involved in
new member recruitment, designing marketing and various publications, oversees our Social Media
presence, and coordinates all meeting announcements and registrations for every event.
Staff is focused on serving all aspects of the Upper Midwest Electrical Industry!
Staff maintains confidentiality among all Affiliate group boards.
North Central Electrical League
What Can We Do For You?
 NCEL strives to serve the vast needs of
our Upper Midwest electrical industry
 NCEL will not duplicate services already
provided by others in our territory.
 NCEL is agile and can address industryrelated issues … all for the benefit of our
electrical industry!
 What can we do for you?
Join NCEL Today…
North Central Electrical League