+ Groups

MGS 351
Lab #2
Introduction to
Management Information
into groups
1 Hints
Info Exchange
Information Database (TIDB)
 Check UBlearns for
the group you are in
I have pre-assigned your group
 The group names will look like this:
 Recitation#_Group#
 UBlearns Group pages
 File exchange
 Discussion board
 I will assign a
seating location in the room for your group
to sit at the rest of the year.
Sit with your groups every class
Have group meetings to work on your projects
 There
will be a group project due at the end of the
Group member evaluations
 15 minutes maximum
 Log off
 Turn
off screen
 Hand
in quiz when you are done
 Remain quiet
until everyone has handed in quiz
Homework 1 (10 points)
 Due
Next Week:
Thursday Recitation: September 11, 2014
Friday Recitation: September 12, 2014
 Deliverables:
Questions on pg. 18 from Access textbook
Homework 1 Tips
To create a new table, select create tab and choose “Table”
You can choose input masks (ex. (xxx)xxx-xxxx for phone number) in Design
Date Function: Date()
Validation rule
Returns today’s date
Mathematical Rules:
<> Date cannot equal today
> Date must be after today
Homework 1 Tips
Creating a Drop-Down Menu
 Switch to DESIGN VIEW
 Highlight (or Create) chosen field
 Under “Data Type” select “Lookup Wizard”
 Select: “I Will Type In The Values I Want” or create from table
 You must insert your resumé
 If you do not have a resume, make one
Homework 1 Submission
Homework files are downloaded from
 E-Assign
When submitting homework, remember:
 Upload & submit one
file at a time
 Check to make sure you are submitting the correct files
 Re-download your files to check that the correct
version of the files were submitted properly (and that
the submission worked correctly)
 Please notify me BEFORE class if you have any technical
issues with E-Assign
Team Info Exchange
Info Exchange
 Pg. 83 in Access Book
 Get contact info
 Name
 Email
 Phone #
 Figure out a weekly meeting time
Team Communication
 Team
Information Database (TIDB)
 Pages 84-85
 Must go in alphabetical order
 Print off Member Report and Cover Page
 Due next week
 Go on UBlearns to your group page
person listed in your group
to see who is the first
What is Graded
 I will check:
 Your
group file exchange to see if all versions of the file
exist (the number is based on the number of team
 Printed Initial Design Project Cover Page (collected in
lab next week)
 Printed Members Report (collected in lab next week)
 You
will NEED these items for the final project two more
times in the semester so DO NOT lose them or the
database file.
Other Things To Consider
If one of your teammates is not here today
 Still include them in the TIDB activity
 If you do not hear from them or they do not do their part
within 2 days:
 Skip them
 Please note this in your team evaluations next week
If the first member is not here today
 The second member becomes the first team member and
the first member becomes the last team member
Reminder: Due Next Week
 Homework 1
 Access Database
files (2 files) electronically
 Submit ONLY through E-Assign
 Guided Exercise Questions (pg. 18) due in or before
lab begins
 Team
Information Database (TIDB) electronic file due
BEFORE class
 TIDB Member Report (hard
copy) due in lab
Cover page (hard copy) due in lab